What does it mean to dream of a mouse

There are many people who dream of mice and they feel scared, let’s find out what these dreams mean and are they as scary as we think.
There are many  spiritual omens that  people have not been able to explain until now. But one thing’s for sure, every time you dream about something, you’re usually feeling insecure. For example, if you dream of a rat, this reflects a lot of contradictions within yourself, it suggests that you are feeling anxious or indecisive. 

Dreaming of a mouse , people don’t know whether to be happy or worried , but this dream also implies that you are too lazy, wasting time, harboring negative things, doubts, jealousy or petty, these things will make you look bad.

The Meaning of Some Dreams About Rats

Dreaming of a black rat is a warning sign of secrets or deception and dangers. Maybe you are a cheater or someone is cheating on you at the moment. Did you know :  Is a bird flying into a house a good or bad omen?
Dreaming of a white mouse is a harbinger of unexpected help from someone.
Dreaming of being bitten by a mouse on your arm or leg indicates a fierce competition happening with you. You are about to enter a difficult, exhausting, stressful time. If you see a snake crawling into your house , should you be happy or worried?
Dreaming of catching a mouse with your hand is a message reminding you not to let greed, jealousy or some negative thoughts overwhelm your thoughts.

– According  to Dream Interpretation , when you dream of a baby mouse, you should prevent your business partner or colleague from playing bad tricks on you.

– To dream of a dead mouse indicates that you have missed something important. You are a resilient independent person who always looks forward, but you don’t know that behind you there are people waiting for you to turn around and look at them.

Dreaming of a mole reminds you to be careful lest disaster strike at any time. Maybe, right now you are caught in a vortex of some conspiracy, someone is trying to destroy you, rob you of your achievements. A dangerous person with your secrets is on your side. If that mole is crawling on you, it shows that someone is trying to destroy your honor or self-esteem. Don’t Ignore  Warning: Women who dream of kangaroos are about to divorce their husbands?
– If in your dream it is a rat, it indicates a kind of dirty, evil feeling alongside doubts, jealousy, even disgust at something. 
If you dream of killing or trapping mice, this is a warning sign that there are some bad guys that are causing dangers to your life.

– If you dream that a mouse enters the house and is chased by a cat, this indicates that your prestige in life will be affected. So be careful with this dream. 
– Dream of giving birth. Rats give birth to a lot of babies and this is a harbinger of bad things happening and you have no control over. 
Dreaming of  many mice means that you are in luck, you will be noticed by many people, or receive some prize  . 

Dreaming of mice running indicates that difficulties and obstacles will pass. 

– Dreaming of rats running in a flock in a vertical line indicates that you will lose something, such as money or items. Remember to be more careful, minimize damage. 
Dreaming of a bunch of mice eating indicates that someone is trying to harm you. This person could be your co-worker. The image of mice eating also has a major meaning that they are fighting with each other. If from that image to infer real life, it signals that someone is deliberately competing for something with you, possibly the result of work, the trust of others in you. You should pay more attention to detect and prevent these people. You may be interested in What does it mean to dream of a cat , good luck or bad luck?
In general, dreams related to rats are not very good. However, do not worry, those dreams also help prepare you mentally to overcome difficult times.

Dream of a mouse, what is the lucky number?

Dreaming about mice is often associated with what numbers, with  Good Day Calendar  refer to the dream book to know!
If you dream of a mouse, you can choose the number  20 – 55

Dreaming of house mice should choose the number  17 – 49
Dreaming of hamsters:  15 – 51
Dreaming that a rat can choose the number  57 – 45

Dreaming of a baby mouse can choose the number  01 – 10

Dreaming of two rats:  73

In a dream seeing a lot of rats:  02 – 20

In a dream seeing rats running into the house, the lucky number is  25 – 58

In a dream that you are bitten by a mouse or by a mouse, the lucky number is 14 – 41

Dreaming of a mouse running very fast, so choose the number 12 – 21
Dreaming of a lot of rats running in groups, lucky number 22
Dreaming of a cat catching a mouse or a cat chasing a mouse: 41

Dreaming of a mouse eating:  83 – 97

Dream interpretation of catching a mouse, the number associated with it is 31 -13
I dreamed that I ate rat meat, so I chose the number 32 – 80
In the dream of a mouse giving birth, you can choose the number 34 – 86
If you dream that you have a mouse, you can choose the number 12 – 93
Dreaming of dead mice:  24-42

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