With the new urine test, the diagnosis of cervical cancer can be made with 90% certainty

Scientists have developed a new urine test to diagnose cervical cancer. Medical Oncologist Dr. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. The study, led by Rafael Guerrero-Preston, also shows great promise in the diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer. The accuracy rate of the urine test, which is not yet implemented in Turkey but is expected to be implemented in Turkey in the near future, is above a high value of 90 percent.

According to the World Cancer Research Fund, cervical cancer is the leading cause of death in women in the United States. However, approximately 40 years ago, cervical cancer rates decreased with the regular use of smear test (cancer screening test performed by examining a sample taken from the cervix) in women. Scientists say that the developed urine test will be very useful in cultures where it is difficult to reach the smear test or where the application is not very common.


The results of this test, developed by scientists from Johns Hopkins Medicine, with which Anadolu Medical Center in Turkey is in strategic cooperation to improve education and quality, come out in 4 days for now. Scientists continue to work to reduce this time to 3 hours.

No need for biopsy

Explaining that the newly developed urine test, called CIN 2, within the scope of the research supported by the American National Cancer Institute, detects the uterine tissues, which can turn into cancer, in the urine at a rate of 90 percent, Medical Oncologist Dr. Rafael Guerrero-Preston says, “Many patients will not need a biopsy once the test becomes available. Our goal was to develop a cheaper and more effective test than the screening tests currently on the market. The accuracy of our urine test is around 90-95%,” he said.

Biopsy side effects will disappear

Stating that the newly developed urine test not only analyzes pre-cancerous cell changes in DNA, but also examines the DNA of the sexually transmitted HPV virus that causes cervical cancer, Dr. Rafael Guerrero-Preston said, “Cervical cancer is diagnosed by performing a biopsy, that is, by taking a piece of the uterus and examining it, in women whose HPV test is positive in the scans and negative results in the smear test. However, the biopsy procedure is laborious, and the patient may experience side effects such as pain, anxiety, and sometimes even infertility. The biopsy is also a more costly procedure,” he said.

The development of the diagnostic urine test is very important in the fight against cancer.

In collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine, Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecological Oncology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Fatih Powerer, on the other hand, pointed out that this study is very important and said: “It is promising that a new urine test will be developed to diagnose cervical cancer. Because both smear test and colposcopic examination have their margins of error. In addition, the experience of the physician is very important in colposcopic examination.

Causes and treatment options of cervical cancer in 8 questions

That’s why the development of a diagnostic urine test is very meaningful in the fight against cancer. In addition, smear test or colposcopy methods are methods that patients do not like and feel uncomfortable during the examination. And both methods have a certain fee. With the new method developed by Johns Hopkins Medicine scientists, cervical cancer screening may be performed at a cheaper cost in total.

Another very important point is that studies are being carried out to ensure that the new urine test gives results in as little as 3 hours. Because a few days are needed for the results of smear and colposcopy methods.”




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