With the drugs that will be used, the success of treatment in lymphoma will increase rapidly!

neighborhood-ozcan-locaemiaWhile lymphoma is most common in the elderly population; It is estimated that the number of patients will increase in the coming years due to the increase in the quality of life and the prolongation of the life expectancy with the right treatments. President of the Leukemia-Lymphoma, Myeloma Patients and Research Education Association (LLMBİR). Dr. Muhit Özcan stated that since lymphomas are among the malignant cancers, they are fatal if correct, appropriate and timely treatment is not performed. prof. Dr. Özcan stated that, according to US data, approximately 20 people out of 100 thousand people suffer from lymphoma every year and said, “According to the data of the Ministry of Health in Turkey, 10 out of every 100 thousand people have lymphoma. However, we think these figures are at the US level,” he said.

Underlining that lymphoma patients most frequently consult a physician with the complaint of glands in their neck, armpits or groin, Prof. Dr. Özcan pointed out that the size of this meringue could be the size of a hazelnut or an orange. Özcan said, “There is no pain complaint. Patients experience unexplained weight loss. At night, there is enough sweating to wet the sheets. Although there is no other infection, a fever of 38-39 degrees is seen. In one type of lymphoma (Hodgkin), he complains of itching, especially for years. “Wherever the tumor is located, there will be problems with that organ,” he said.

Noting that approximately 70 percent of newly diagnosed patients survived five years, Özcan stated that this varies according to the type, stage of the disease and the age of the patient. prof. Dr. Özcan said that old age, infection, various bacteria and viruses, transplant patients who had to use drugs that suppress the immune system for a long time, people exposed to some pesticides used in the fight against pests, and those with rheumatic diseases are in the risky group for lymphoma.

In addition to these, Özcan emphasized that studies have been conducted to show that cigarettes, alcohol, hair dye, obesity and silicones used in breast operations also increase the risk of lymphoma.

70% chance of longevity

Noting that the incidence of lymphoma is especially high in the elderly population, Zcan noted: “Although lymphoma can be seen at any age, it is generally a disease of advanced age. Its incidence begins to increase over the average age of 45, with the most common age at 65-66 years. Only 1.5 percent of all lymphomas are under the age of 20.

With the increase in the elderly population, the incidence of lymphomas is also increasing. US data show that the incidence of lymphoma has increased by half a percent each year for 10 years. As people’s living conditions improve and early diagnosis and treatment rates increase, the elderly population is increasing. Today, the number of patients with lymphoma will increase significantly, as the population over the age of 65 in Turkey is predicted to triple in the next 10 years.

New agents on the way

Emphasizing the importance of timely diagnosis in lymphoma treatment, Prof. Dr. Özcan said that there are more than 50 subtypes of lymphoma, and accordingly, the way of treatment has changed. prof. Dr. Özcan stated that while some lymphomas should be treated immediately, the treatment of others can be delayed after a certain period of time. prof. Dr. Expressing that there are very serious developments in the treatment of lymphoma, Özcan noted that they are working on targeted drugs and that new agents that cause the least damage to the surrounding tissues while destroying the tumor have begun to be used.

startling increase in lymphoma

According to the data of the American Cancer Institute (NCI), the incidence of lymphoma has increased regularly in the last 10 years. Accordingly, approximately 80,000 new lymphoma patients are seen annually in the USA. It is estimated that there are 20 patients per 100,000 population in our country. One of the reasons for the increase is the prolongation of human lifespan. Aging is an important risk factor for lymphoma. Since the elderly population of Turkey is increasing rapidly, it is predicted that the number of patients with lymphoma will increase in the coming years.

Aging is the biggest risk

prof. Dr. Muhit Özcan explains the increase in the incidence of lymphoma as follows: “One of the reasons for the increase is interesting: the prolongation of the human lifespan. Longevity is good, but old age is an important risk factor for lymphoma. The elderly population of our country is increasing day by day. Therefore, the number of patients with lymphoma will increase in the coming years. Lymphoma is a disease with high treatment success, but the cost of treatment is quite high, so it is closely related to the country’s economy. In particular, failure to diagnose on time reduces the success of treatment and increases the costs.”

In lymphomas, opinions should be obtained from two pathology centers.

Noting that the definitive diagnosis of lymphoma can be made by biopsy, Prof. Dr. Muhit Özcan pointed out that it is absolutely necessary to get opinions from at least two centers and that the probability of a change in the diagnosis in our country is 20%.

MIRACULOUS FORMULA: Stop smoking and go for a walk

Of course, there are precautions that can be taken: Smoking increases the risk of disease, smoking should be avoided. Chemicals and infections are among the important causes of lymphoma. It is very important to diagnose with full and precise accuracy as well as to make the diagnosis on time. Because it is known that in centers experienced in lymphoma, the diagnosis can be changed to a better or worse diagnosis at a rate close to 20%.

After the timely and correct diagnosis of lymphoma, the correct treatment is also the last step. While inadequate treatments at the beginning lead to medical failure and increased costs, overtreatment brings additional risks to the patient. The miraculous formula for lymphoma: Zero packs of cigarettes a day and a pack of walking. He also has lymphoma. Başak Erdem (Board Member of LLMBIR Association) He advised patients to believe in their doctors and do what they said during the treatment.


Başak Erdem explained her experiences during her treatment process as follows: “When I heard that I was sick, prescriptions and alternative treatment recommendations started pouring in from close and distant acquaintances and even from their acquaintances. My doctor said goodbye to the information pollution, I listened. He said that there are no strange tea plant mixtures in case we do not know the interaction with chemotherapy, I listened. During the treatment, I witnessed many insured and uninsured people in hospitals and their relatives living with this disease, and the endless rush of chemotherapy nurses, who were few because there was no budget. This is a very expensive disease.

What is cheap but essential cannot be found because of its low profit margin, and it gains its weight in gold on the black market. When it seems that medicine cannot be found, one’s heart gets stuck because bad cells do not wait, they continue to multiply. I hope no one experiences this desperation. All I wish is that this trend, which is my luck, is that our association guides people and provides standards rather than luck. Standard quality laboratories all over Turkey provide accurate diagnosis and the implementation of standard protocols for diseases increases the survival rate in blood cancer treatments. Almost no one dies of cancer anymore, as long as people can stand the side effects of drugs.

That’s why all the researches of big pharmaceutical companies are now ‘how can we do the least harm while treating?’ towards. A great burden falls on the state in this expensive war that mankind is still waging from all directions. However, it is very important for patients that new drugs are accepted in Turkey and covered by insurance. God has forgiven me to my loved ones, and I wish the same for every patient currently undergoing treatment. As an association, we are at your side with all our experiences. I made it, it’s your turn!”




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