Who is at risk of breast cancer? Which control method at what age?

Medical technologies are changing day by day, new scientific studies are constantly being added. All these developments are promising for many types of cancer, especially breast cancer. Breast cancer can now be treated more successfully. In addition, patients have a chance to be protected from early stage or disease. Celebrated between 1-31 October every year due to the preventable, controllable and curable features of breast cancer.Breast Cancer Before the “Awareness Month”, Memorial Antalya Cancer Center President and Medical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özdoğan gave information about the importance of early stage in breast cancer and its effect on treatment.

A diagnosis of breast cancer every three minutes…

The incidence of breast cancer increases by 1 to 2% every year. Every year, 1 million people are diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer, which constitutes 30% of women’s cancers, causes cancer-related loss of life at a rate of 20%.

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Every three minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the world, and a patient dies every 11 minutes. While the disease is seen in 99% of women and 1% in men, it is known that the female population is 146 times more at risk than men.

Who is at risk of breast cancer?

  • People aged 50 and over
  • Those who have had a previous breast-related disease
  • Those with a history of cancer in one breast
  • Those with a family history of cancer
  • Those who have had a breast biopsy before
  • Those with benign tumors in the breast
  • Early menstruation, late menopause
  • Those who have never given birth or who have given birth late
  • Users of estrogen hormone
  • Long-term use of birth control pills
  • Those with a high-fat diet
  • Drinking 3 or more drinks a day
  • those exposed to radiation
  • Those who live sedentary, those who abstain from exercise

Unhealthy diet and menstrual period are the most important reasons…

Breast cancer is also closely related to the duration of the menstrual period. Each year that menopause is delayed, the risk of breast cancer decreases by 20%, while each year of delayed menopause increases the risk of breast cancer by 3%. Nutrition, which is one of the factors of breast cancer formation, especially a diet with high consumption of fatty foods increases the risk by 30%. In addition, exercising regularly 3 days a week has a risk-reducing effect by 35-40%.


Awareness of the breast may warn cancer early

The success of an early-stage diagnosed breast cancer is over 90%, although it varies according to the patient’s condition. The most important argument that gives the patient a chance for an early stage is the awareness of one’s own breast. In addition, measures such as doctor control and mammography according to age characteristics come into play. However, a woman who is her own doctor and knows her own organ well, notices any change and eliminates a very important problem.

For this reason, it is possible for women to catch breast cancer at an early stage with the “golden touch and careful look” and continue their lives in a healthy way by taking precautions. What needs to be done is to notice any changes in breast symmetry, appearance, nipple discharge and breast skin in front of the mirror for 5 minutes every month regularly and take action.

Which diagnosis and control method at which age?

Breast awareness, which is one of the most important steps for prevention or early diagnosis of breast cancer, should be valid for every woman from the age of 20. A possible problem can be detected at an early stage by regularly monitoring the breast in front of the mirror every month and especially by monitoring the symmetry changes. The important thing here is that breast control is aimed at self-recognition and perception without putting any pressure on female psychology. Breast awareness from the age of 20 by age;

  • Between the ages of 20-39, monthly monitoring of the breast in front of a mirror and clinical examination every 3 years,
  • Monitoring the breast in front of a mirror between the ages of 40-49, clinical examination every year and mammography every 1-2 years,
  • If over the age of 50, it is necessary to monitor the breast in front of a mirror every month, to have a clinical examination every year and to have a mammogram every year.

Breast cancer examination every month for 5 minutes

Take 5 minutes for yourself every month… These 5 minutes may seem unnecessary to you in your busy schedule, but this 5-minute period is actually the best gift you can give yourself. Remember, 90% of breast cancer is detected by women themselves. You should benefit from a simple and harmless diagnosis method with regular and correct examinations.

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By watching yourself in front of the mirror for breast awareness, you are doing an amazing thing, you can notice a lump in your breast at an early stage, and you eliminate the danger to life caused by cancer. Create a “ring of hope” for breast cancer, ask your family, loved ones and friends, “Did you watch yourself in the mirror?” ask. Believe me, 5 minutes a month is enough to create this awareness.

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