Which patients benefit from the cancer vaccine developed by Cuban scientists?

It will be possible to determine which patients the vaccine developed by Cuban scientists, which prolongs life expectancy in some lung cancers, is more beneficial, with a test to be carried out in centers in Turkey. In a multicenter study including American Hospital and Anadolu Medical Center in Turkey, which patients cancer vaccineA research was started to determine that it would benefit from The cure rates of the vaccine, whose survival rates are determined by scientific data, and its compatibility with other treatments will also be examined. Lung cancerranks first in cancer-related deaths. 85% of all lung cancers are known as non-small cell lung cancer. Most of these tumors can be diagnosed in locally advanced and advanced disease stages.

At this stage, patients can be given standard treatment, namely chemotherapy, and, if necessary, radiotherapy, targeted treatment that can be planned in line with some tumor characteristics, depending on the characteristics of the disease. Studies on other treatment methods are continuing.

Cancer vaccine produced by Cuba is being tested on 39 patients in Turkey

Stimulates immune system against tumor

An important group of these studies is; It creates approaches to treat tumors through the body’s immune system (immune system). The patient’s immune system is stimulated against the tumor, thereby enabling it to fight. In addition to standard treatments for Lung Cancer, immunotherapy has been the subject of research and development in recent years, and immunotherapy drugs have received FDA approval in various treatment steps.

It was determined that the life expectancy of cancer patients was extended with the ‘Racotumomab’ vaccine developed by Cuban scientists. It was observed that the vaccine, which was administered to advanced stage cancer patients who received chemotherapy at the beginning, extended the life expectancy by two months. And it has been confirmed that this is not a psychological effect. It has been proven that the vaccine extends the two-year lifespan three times compared to the placebo effect. International phase 3 work in this area continues.

At the Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy Meeting held in Havana, it was decided to cooperate with CIM, the producer of biotechnological vaccines in Cuba, and Rooswell Park, USA. Leaving other countries behind in the field of biotechnology, Cuba continues to make admirable progress all over the world with its developments.

prof. Dr. Molinas: We want to identify patients who benefit

Institute (CIM) Director Prof. Agustin Lage, Head of Department Dr. At the historic meeting where Tania Crombet and the Roswell Park Director of Immunology from the USA came together, there was also information from Turkey. prof. Dr. Nil Molinas Mandel took place. prof. Dr. Nil Molinas said, “Immunotherapies are a treatment option in our country. We took part in this scientific research to identify patients who benefit more.”




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