What is Cervical Orgasm? How come?

What is Cervical Orgasm?

We all know that you can achieve an orgasm from clitoral or vaginal simulation. But did you know that the cervix is ​​also a pleasure zone? TRUE. It is possible to experience its orgasm from stimulating your cervix with deep penetration.

But if you’ve never tried penetrating deep before – or if your partner’s penis or fingers have touched your cervix – you may be wondering how it might feel or if it’s actually safe.

We’ve collected the most pressing concerns about cervix orgasm so you can access your work without worry.

Can I Have Cervix Orgasm With Sex?

If you’re talking about sex, penetration is just a fancy way of saying that a penis or dildo is inserted into the vagina or rectum.

Some people believe that you can have a cervical orgasm by touching the cervix, but this is not entirely true. Cervical orgasm stimulates the cervix – not penetration.

Is It Possible to Enter the Cervix?

No, not at all. Your cervix cannot really be entered. This is because the opening of the cervix, known as the external os, is too narrow for a penis or dildo to enter. Usually no larger than your thumb.

Also, the os is filled with cervical mucus – it’s definitely not our idea of ​​a good time to play with these things.

The only time the cervical opening is wide enough to pass through anything is on the delivery table. In other words, if you are not preparing for the upcoming birth, nothing should pass through your cervix.

How to Have an Orgasm If Cervix Cannot Be Entered?

In short, cervical orgasm is achieved by pressing on the cervix.

What you actually feel is the penis or vibrator pushing or rubbing against your cervix. Nothing goes in or out. “Cervical penetration” is a bit of a misnomer as such.

Does it hurt if there is pressure on the cervix?

It can happen, so it’s important to pay attention to what your body is feeling. It’s not uncommon to feel pain during vaginal penetration, especially if something hits your cervix.

In fact, about 60 percent of women will deal with dyspareunia, the technical term for painful sex, at some point. When this happens, you experience constant, recurrent pain before, during, or after sex.

Cervical pressure isn’t the only cause of dyspareunia, so talk to your gynecologist if you’re experiencing symptoms. They can help understand what’s going on so you can jump right back in between pages (painlessly!).

Is bleeding normal?

Not really, but it may not be caused by anything serious. If you and your partner are rushing towards the main event, sudden friction can be an unwelcome surprise for the inside of your vagina.

Foreplay isn’t just about building anticipation, it’s a great way to keep the vagina lubricated, lubricated, and ready for intercourse. This can help prevent unexpected bleeding or pain.

If you have vaginal dryness, bleeding may occur, talk to your gynecologist if you are unsure. They can answer your questions and make sure all is well to come down.

Where is the cervix?

The cervix begins at the bottom of your uterus and extends into your vagina. Think of it like a neck made of tissue that connects two parts.

What your gyno sees during a pelvic exam is called the ectocervix, where your cervix is ​​near your vagina. If you have an IUD, the strings are usually here.

Think of the ectocervix as the gatekeeper between your vaginal canal and cervical canal. A penis or dildo can slide into your vaginal canal and brush against your cervix with deep penetration.

It still can’t pass through your cervix. Beyond this border is the cervical canal. Here the sperm can pass into the uterus.

Cervix Anatomy

How Deep Is The Vagina?

Usually the vaginal canal is about 7.5 to 10 cm deep. This is the width of your hand in general. In other words, no matter how long your man’s penis is, more than this cannot enter the vagina, the tissues must be forced to enter.

This means that during sex, your vaginal canal lengthens, stretching the tissues to make room for penetration.

Vaginal Depth

Is cervical orgasm really possible?

It’s certainly possible Trusted Source, but not for everyone. Many women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

While clitoral orgasms can be intense, they are usually centered around your vagina and may last only a few seconds.

If you are stimulating your cervix, you may feel pressure spreading throughout your body. This can lead to a full-body orgasm with tingling sensations that come in waves from your head to your toes.

For some women, this may take longer than how deep the pleasure goes.

Is cervical orgasm safe?

Yes, it’s completely safe. However, it is important that you accept the idea of ​​deep penetration before attempting to achieve a cervical orgasm. If you’re not comfortable, you’ll have a harder time feeling comfortable or enjoying, which doesn’t make for great sex.

Is it possible to have a cervical orgasm without penetration?

No, it’s not real. The only way to reach your cervix is ​​to penetrate the vagina. Whether you want to try it out in a solo sesh or with a partner is up to you! Either way, you should be comfortable going deep.

If you want to try having a cervical orgasm, start with doggy style. It’s a great position that allows for deep penetration and can make it easier for you to feel relaxed and open.

Cervical Orgasm Summary

Cervical penetration is not possible, but cervical orgasm is possible. Before you try, though, you should talk to your gyno about any concerns, what to expect, and how to stay safe during sex. Deep penetration can be intense, so it’s better to know what you’re getting into. Once you have all the information you need, go ahead and explore your new taste buds.

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