Weight gained after menopause increases the risk of breast cancer

Considering the last 20-30 years in developed countries, obesity shows a serious increase. The risk of developing breast cancer increases with obesity. Saying that the main source of estrogen in the postmenopausal period is the fatty tissues accumulated in the hips and breasts, Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Gazioğlu, especially the weight gained after the menopause period and the amount of excess fat in the body breast cancer indicated an increased risk. prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Gazioğlu gave comprehensive information about the relationship between breast cancer and obesity:

The more fat, the higher the risk.

In the postmenopausal period, the estrogen level in obese women is 1.5-2 times higher than in women of normal weight. In women who have entered the menopause, the ovaries lose their function and stop producing estrogen. After this period, the body starts to produce a hormone similar to estrogen with the aromatization method in the adipose tissue in women, and the excess of this hormone has an effect on the development of breast cancer. The more adipose tissue a woman has, the higher the leptin level in the blood will be. This leptin hormone triggers the production of estrogen from adipose tissue through aromatization.


The more adipose tissue a woman has in her body during the postmenopausal period, the more estrogen-like hormone she will produce, which will increase her risk of developing breast cancer. A substance called adipokine is also secreted in the fat cells, which has an accelerating effect on tumor development.

Excess weight may also delay diagnosis.

The risk of developing breast cancer in obese women is 1.8 times higher than in normal-weight women. Again, since obesity will cause enlargement and lubrication in the breast, the detection of the masses formed in the breast may be delayed and therefore there is a risk of late diagnosis. As a general rule, the more overweight a woman is, the greater the risk of developing a tumor.

Eat fiber, eat fruits and vegetables

The risk of breast cancer decreases in women who reduce fat and sugar consumption in their diet, increase fruit and vegetable consumption, and eat plenty of fiber foods. This type of nutrition also extends the disease-free life expectancy in women who have breast cancer and are treated.

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