Vitamin C has started to be used in cancer treatment in many countries.

medicine-pill-boxVitamin C, which is frequently used to increase body resistance, has started to be used in cancer treatment in many countries. Assoc. Dr. Mutlu Demiray also underlines that Vitamin C, which is used with chemotherapy drugs, should be administered intravenously in high doses. Assoc. Dr. Mutlu Demiray gave the following information about the new method:

Vitamin C, which strengthens our defense system, does not only protect us from diseases such as flu and colds. Vitamin C is widely used in cancer treatment in the Far East, especially in America, Europe and Japan. This month, an important article investigating the effects of vitamin C on cancer was published in Scince, one of the most important journals of the medical community. Then, an article titled “Vitamin C kills colon cancer cells, which are the most difficult to treat, without harming normal cells,” was published in the journal Nature.

Is vitamin C used in cancer treatment in Turkey?

Stating that the relationship between Vitamin C and cancer was revealed by Dr. Hugh Riordan and Dr. Cameron, Medicana Hospitals Group Oncology Coordinator Assoc. Dr. Mutlu Demiray said, “In the first hypothesis, it was thought that vitamin C would build a strong and insurmountable wall around cancer cells by strengthening the connective tissue, and at the same time, it could defeat cancer by strengthening the immune system.

However, in laboratory studies, it has been seen that Vitamin C kills cancer cells after reaching a certain dose, but does not harm normal cells. Demiray, who says that cancer cells that can only feed on sugar and use sugar approximately 200 times more, cannot distinguish between sugar and vitamin C, states that when high doses of vitamin C are administered intravenously, cancer cells attack and absorb vitamin C. Referring to the fact that vitamin C is a Trojan horse in cancer cells, Demiray said that in this way, vitamin C directly causes the death of cancer cells.

High-dose vitamin C therapy should be intravenous…

High-dose vitamin C therapy is not a stand-alone treatment. Explaining that Vitamin C is much more effective with chemotherapy drugs, Demiray says that these treatments are applied from Medicana Hospitals Group. Emphasizing that oral vitamin C does not cure cancer, but will cause its progression, Demiray gives the following information on how to use it:

Does vitamin C have an effect on cancer treatment?

“High-dose vitamin C therapy can only be done by intravenous administration. There is no oral treatment at high doses. The patient’s height and weight are taken and the dose is determined according to the treatment to be applied together, and the treatment is started. Depending on the stage of the treatment, the treatment doses need to be changed. Knowledge and experience are important for this treatment.”




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