Tumor relapsed, hope healed

prof-_dr-_alihan_g__rkanŞennur Çelikel, 57, was admitted to the hospital 7 years ago with complaints of nausea and abdominal pain. A mass on the kidney of Çelikel, who was suspected of gallbladder disease, was detected and removed, but this year it relapsed and spread throughout the body. The woman who was told “You can’t have an operation for the second time” did not lose hope and Memorial Health Group Antalya Hospitals Head of General Surgery Department Prof. Dr. She regained her health with the successful operation performed by Alihan Gürkan.

Spotted by routine checks

Şennur Çelikel, who lives in Antalya, thought that there was a problem in her gallbladder due to the ailments she experienced in 2009. A malignant tumor was detected in the adrenal gland of Çelikel, who went to the hospital and had tests done. He had surgery and received chemotherapy and regained his full health. However, tumors that formed without any symptoms after 7 years were detected in Çelikel’s routine controls. Çelikel, who stated that he would not have surgery in the hospital he went to, was told that the kidney could not be touched, and that only radiotherapy could be applied to the tumor in the liver. Şennur Çelikel did not lose her morale and, believing that there would be another treatment option, started to look for a good name in her field. Celikel, Prof. Dr. He applied to Alihan Gürkan. He regained his health after a successful 8-hour surgery.

I believed there was a solution

Çelikel, who came face to face with the same disease for the second time and survived thanks to his determination, stated the following: “First of all, I was told that I could not be operated on in the hospital we went to because they did not want to undergo surgical intervention due to the location of the tumor. I said that if I had surgery before and got rid of this disease, there is a solution again. prof. Dr. When we applied to Gürkan, he told us that the masses were in a risky place, but he could make it out, and he lit a glimmer of hope. I got rid of the tumors completely by removing the part where the mass was in the kidney and a certain part of my liver. Chemotherapy was not even needed. I am very happy to regain my health for the second time.”

Regenerated without any indication

Şennur Çelikel’s 54-year-old brother, Kamil Çelikel, described this difficult period they experienced with the following words: “We always had a fear because my sister had such a disease 7 years ago, but we did not expect it to recur. It was a surprise to us that it reappeared without any symptoms. We did not know what to do when we received hesitant answers about the surgery in the hospital we went to. They said that this surgery can only be done by a very good team. Afterwards, we immediately started researching who could do this surgery and so we applied to Memorial Antalya Hospital. After a successful 8-hour surgery, the tumors were removed and my sister regained her health.” said.

Successful surgeries take place with experienced teams

Having successfully performed the operation, Prof. Dr. Alihan Gürkan said: “Whether the patient can be operated on in detected masses depends on the experience of the team evaluating the patient. The role of the team you work with has a great role in a successful treatment. Ms. Şennur applied to us with the fear that she would not be able to be operated on, and we decided the opposite in the evaluation we made as a team. Thus, our patient had a chance to recover. After the treatment, our patient is followed by surgeons, medical oncology, radiology, radiation oncology and nuclear medicine physicians. Routine check-ups after such diseases are very important as it enables the detection of asymptomatic tumors and should definitely not be neglected.”




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