Tuberculosis vaccine reduces risk of recurrence of bladder cancer

Stating that the incidence of bladder cancer is quite high due to the prevalence of smoking in Turkey, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Uğur Altuğ said, “Bladder Cancer ranks second among the most common cancer cases in the field of urology. Tuberculosis The vaccine reduces the risk of recurrence of bladder cancer. The purpose of applying the tuberculosis vaccine is to destroy the tumor by stimulating the person’s own immune system to fight the disease.

Smoking is the most important cause of bladder cancer

Stating that smoking facilitates bladder cancer, Assoc. Dr. Altuğ gave the following information: “Although it is known that smoking causes lung cancer, it is known that the relationship between bladder cancer and smoking is more than lung cancer. Bladder cancer usually causes pain and non-painful urinary bleeding. These symptoms intermittently improve and recur on their own. Since patients do not have complaints such as pain, pain and fever, they are ignored and there are delays in applying to the doctor. In this case, from time to time, irreversible consequences arise.

What is TB? Why does it happen? Symptoms, treatment and vaccine

Bladder Cancer should not be feared

Cancer risk is the first thing that comes to mind in bloody urine that occurs without pain and pain without diagnosis such as infection or stone. Especially if the patient smokes, this diagnosis should be considered first. When such ailments are encountered, necessary examinations should be performed under the supervision of a specialist urologist. The way to be followed after the necessary analyzes is to evaluate the tumor by endoscopy and operate it closed.

As a result of the pathological examination of the tumor obtained in this way, the treatment is planned according to the type of the disease. Bladder cancer is considered as two different diseases as tumors involving the mucosa in the bladder or the muscle tissue of the bladder. Superficial tumors involving the mucosa and submocosa are more common and the most important feature is that they tend to recur in the bladder.

Recurrence of bladder cancer is reduced with tuberculosis vaccine

“After closed surgeries, the risk of recurrence of bladder cancer can be greatly reduced with the tuberculosis vaccine we call BCG. The purpose of the application of the tuberculosis vaccine is to destroy the tumor by stimulating the person’s own immune system to fight the disease. Apart from BCG, we reduce the recurrence rates with chemotherapy drugs injected into the bladder.

Can BCG vaccine be used in cancer treatment?

In muscle-advanced bladder cancers, the tumor is more aggressive. This type of cancer has a very high risk of spilling out of the bladder and spreading to other organs. If there is no such spread, it is possible to save the bladder from this disease with a very comprehensive surgery, which we call extensive radical cystectomy in bladder cancer, in which the bladder is removed along with the prostate in men and the surrounding lymph nodes are removed widely, and in women, if necessary, the uterus and ovaries are removed along with the bladder.

Altuğ, who recommends quitting smoking in patients with bladder cancer, adds; “It’s a really high and prolonged risk. Even if a patient who has a habit of smoking and has been diagnosed with bladder cancer quits smoking today, the negative effects on that bladder continue for 10 more years. If he never smokes, after 10 years, the risks can fall to the risk of a normal person.”

Stating that the most important issue regarding bladder cancer, as in all cancers, is early diagnosis and correct treatment, Altuğ said that patients should not be worried about the diagnosis of cancer, bladder cancer is now considered a treatable disease, delays in diagnosis cause undesirable results, therefore, those who notice bleeding in the urine He specifically states that every person should consult a urology specialist for further examination and necessary treatment.”




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