Treat Your Dry Skin in Winter in 5 Steps

just so soft sweaters, fun hot drinks and dry skin, right? The last one, unfortunately, is not very exciting.

You can find our article on how to protect your skin from drying out in winter here.

Treat Your Dry and Scaly Skin!

1. Instead of Light Moisturizers, Prefer a Product with Content such as Shea Butter that Locks Moisture into Your Skin.

The structure of intensive moisturizers ensures that your skin receives the ideal amount of moisture from the surrounding air and helps to form a flexible lipid layer according to changing humidity levels.

2. Use Lotion-Moisturizing-Based Products Instead of Foaming Face Washes

Foaming products often contain surfactants containing drying ingredients, which disrupt your skin’s protective layer.

3. Don’t Neglect Moisturizer on Your Dry Skin

The few minutes after getting out of the shower is the ideal time for moisture to be trapped in the skin. If you are sensitive, avoid perfumed and scented products as they can have drying properties.

4. Use Intense Moisturizers for Your Body

With regular use, you can preserve the cottony softness of your skin throughout the winter, especially with a strong moisturizer that will nourish and revitalize the skin, such as Shea butter and vitamin E.

5. Treat Your Hands Gentle with Glycerin and Chamomile Oil

Even with the most stubborn dryness, these substances always work. Glycerin is a humectant that draws air into the outer layer of the skin and acts as a protective layer that prevents moisture loss. Chamomile is an excellent aid for the treatment of eczema, dry skin and itching.

Source: Source: Women’sHealthMag, Dry Winter Skin is Basically The Worst – But You Can Avoid It. 2018

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