Tiny Creatures Living in Our Eyelashes

There are two types of insects that can live on your eyelashes. But before we run to the mirror and examine their eyes, we must say that these insects (eyelash mites) are actually quite common and normal.

Still, it’s no longer comforting to know that tiny creatures are rubbing up and down your lash line right now.

What Exactly Are Lash Mites?

Eyelash mites (Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis) are transmitted from person to person and usually live around the eyelash follicles (they lay eggs in this area). They feed on mucus, sebum, and oils secreted from people’s pores on their faces and glands around their eyes.

Some people have more of these mites, especially if you have oily skin or if sleeping in your makeup is a habit for you (which we don’t recommend at all).

If your pores are inflamed or irritated, mites can flock to your skin as extra mucus is secreted.

How Do I Know If I Have Eyelash Mice?

Unfortunately, we cannot see them with the naked eye. Certain conditions can make you more prone to mites. If you have blepharitis (redness, redness, itching or dryness of the eyes that causes inflammation of the eyelids) or allergies, the mucus in your eyes is over-secreted, possibly causing you to have more eyelash mites.

Women may have more eyelash mites than men for hormonal reasons, and older people have more eyelash mites than younger ones (seborrhea secretion increases with age).

How Can I Get Rid of Eyelash Mites?

You can’t get rid of all eyelash mites. Also, lash mites are completely normal and nothing to worry about. What interests them (irritation, inflammation, extra mucus) are the real problems. You don’t have to worry about having eye mites, but you shouldn’t ignore something that’s bothering you.

For example, if you have blepharitis, you can apply a warm, moist compress or a tiny washcloth over your clean eyes for a few minutes. The moisture will allow you to easily wipe the crusty deposits from your eyes. It will also help reduce secretions that produce bacteria that cause eyelid swelling and irritation. The less secretions are secreted, the less lash mites will be as they cannot feed.

Source: Women’s Health Mag, What Are Eyelash Mites – And How Do You Know If You Have Them?, 2018

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