Thyroid nodule in 5 questions

Nodules, defined as abnormal growth of thyroid cells to form a mass within the thyroid gland, affect approximately 10 percent of the population. Anadolu Health Center Endocrinology and Metabolism Diseases Specialist, who stated that nodules are important in terms of carrying a risk of cancer at a rate of 1-5%, but not every nodule is cancer. Mithat Bıyıklı said, “While thyroid nodules can be a separate thyroid problem on their own, they can also be just one of the clinical findings of many different thyroid diseases.”

What are the symptoms of thyroid diseases? How do you know if you have a thyroid?

Stating that although most of the nodules are benign, 1 to 5 percent of them can be malignant, Dr. Bıyıklı made important statements about nodules, emphasizing that when a nodule is detected in a person’s body, the disease must be evaluated from this perspective and necessary examinations should be made.

What is the incidence of thyroid nodule?

While thyroid nodules are found in 4-7 percent of the population in countries such as the USA where iodine deficiency has been eliminated, this rate can reach 10-15 percent in countries such as Turkey that are affected by iodine deficiency and have local goiter regions.

Do all thyroid nodules mean cancer?

Despite the fact that nodules are so common, thyroid cancer is rare. In other words, when every nodule is detected, it is necessary not to think that it is cancer, and to accept that most of the nodules are benign.

Hoarseness and difficulty swallowing may be a sign of thyroid cancer

What kind of complaints do people with thyroid nodules apply to the hospital?

Patients can come to the hospital by noticing the nodule with findings such as fullness-swelling in their neck, development of asymmetry, a feeling of stuttering when swallowing, and hoarseness. The nodule can also be detected by chance after the control and ultrasonography performed for a different procedure.

Is surgery required for every thyroid nodule?

Although surgery is not required for every nodule detected in the thyroid gland, all nodules should be taken seriously. While nodules smaller than one centimeter are followed, which are basically without risk, fine needle aspiration biopsy is recommended for nodules larger than one centimeter or in patients in the risk group. As a result of biopsy, patients with suspicious or reported nodules can undergo surgery. Thyroid cancers are among the few cancer types that can be effectively treated with surgical methods among all cancers today.

Things to know about thyroid gland diseases

Is surgery applied to benign nodules?

Although it is known to be benign, surgery is performed if the nodule is large and continues to grow, causing difficulty in swallowing and pain. While it is preferred to remove the entire thyroid gland in thyroid cancer and hyperthyroid patients, it is more limited in benign cancer surgeries. The large nodule is completely removed according to its location in the thyroid gland. On the other hand, intact thyroid tissue is left, which the patient will need later in life.




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