They took the sperm of their dead children and ‘had grandchildren’

According to the news of the BBC, it was stated that a British couple took the sperm of their deceased children and had grandchildren by artificial insemination and surrogacy.

According to the news of the Times newspaper published in England, a private clinic in the US state of California announced that the parents of the single man who died in a motorcycle accident at the age of 26 had grandchildren with this method.

According to the news by Lucy Bannerman, the man’s body was found two days after the accident, and the sperm of the couple’s only child had been frozen as soon as they were found.

La Jolla clinic, which says that the couple is a “very rich and famous family,” although it did not reveal the name of the couple, announced that gender selection techniques were used for the grandchild born in 2015, so that the baby was born a boy at the request of the family.

Head of the clinic, Dr. David Smotrich stated that his three-year-old child is in England with his grandparents, and the elderly couple is also registered as the legal guardian of the child.

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Emphasizing that the process costs between 60 and 100 thousand pounds (500 – 850 thousand TL), Dr. Smotrich also said that the couple did not consent to the use of their child’s sperm before he died, so what was done could be considered a crime under English law:

“The couple lost their child so tragically and desperately wanted a grandchild. It was a privilege for me to be able to help them.

“To give birth to a baby with sperm from a dead body is a very unusual event. I’ve only done this five times so far.

“This couple definitely wanted a grandson. They came to the US because gender selection techniques are illegal in the UK.”

In the UK, an average of five babies are fertilized each year after their father’s death. Some of the babies are fertilized with the sperms taken while their fathers are alive, and some of them are born with the sperms taken after their death.

BBC, They took sperm from their dead children and ‘had grandchildren’, 2018

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