The use of zero sugar in cancer nutrition puts the patient in trouble!

Saying that the perception that ‘sugar should be avoided completely’ in the diet of cancer patients is wrong, President of the Turkish Radiation Oncology Association Prof. Dr. Esra Kaytan Sağlam stated that it is a wrong approach for cancer patients to completely stop sugar intake. Expressing that there is no need to completely stop the use of sugar, except in special cases, Prof. Dr. Sağlam answered the questions of Medical Academy Ankara Representative Hatice Pala Kaya regarding the subject. Underlining that cancer patients completely stop their sugar intake, except in special cases, is due to a wrong perception. Dr. He reminded that patients with gastrointestinal tumors and esophageal cancer could not eat normally, and stated that the fact that patients in this group did not use sugar would pose an additional difficulty.

Protein very important for cancer patients

Explaining that in the nutrition of cancer patients, proteins are the top energy source and that they strongly recommend taking protein for these patients. Dr. Esra Kaytan Sağlam gave the following information: “Nutrition products specially designed for cancer patients are very important. There are nutritional products (pharmaconutrition) in the form of solutions and powders. Currently, 4 companies are actively working in Turkey. These products have ingredients and different flavors. There are products that are rich in vitamin D, rich in fiber, rich in protein, and increase immunity. I attach great importance to the fact that patients use them under the supervision of a doctor.

Nutritional mistakes made during cancer treatment harm patients

Example; It is very important to give nutritional products from the beginning of the treatment in patients with esophageal tumors, stomach tumors and weight loss, because some of them increase muscle mass and are also effective in inflammation caused by cancer. Muscle mass is very important to us because it comes to the fore even in our treatments and the survival time of the patients. Sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) has a negative effect on oncological treatments and seriously reduces the quality of life of patients.

Explaining that these products are within the scope of reimbursement, Prof. Dr. Sağlam stated that the point he wanted to emphasize was that it was used under the control of a physician and a health report was required.

prof. Dr. Esra Kaytan Sağlam also explained that the KEPAN Association and the Turkish Radiation Oncology Association carry out joint awareness-raising activities for the nutrition of cancer patients, and said, “When we treat the disease with appropriate nutritional products, it is more effective with less side effects without impairing the quality of life of the patients, without reducing weight loss and muscle mass. It may be possible for us to create treatments.”

Nutritional disorders in cancer patients create additional challenges

Stating that proper nutrition of cancer patients helps treatment and reduces the cost as it prevents many possible problems, Prof. Dr. Sağlam underlined that these products are given to those in need. prof. Dr. Sağlam said, “We initially perform a test that analyzes the risk group of patients. A simple test and according to the results of this test, we recommend that those who need nutrition start over so that they can tolerate the treatment well.

What is radiotherapy? How is it applied in cancer treatment? Side effects

The effect of pharmaconutrition products is important especially in the treatment of side effects such as mucositis (mouth and mucous wounds), decreased taste sensation and skin reactions caused by radiotherapy. When it is used appropriately, we see that it is very cost effective by reducing the side effects and reducing the hospital stay and additional medication requirement of the patients.

Cancer patients should be careful about which foods they take.

Reminding the importance of the use of seasonal vegetables and fruits produced in healthy and suitable conditions for food purchase, Prof. Dr. He noted that the products of robust, approved, known and traceable manufacturers should be preferred. Stating that there are products produced next to the highways with heavy traffic, Prof. Dr. Sağlam said that they recommend paying attention to where and how the product is grown, and that especially green plants should be washed in vinegary water.

Considerations for some types of cancer

prof. Dr. Stating that some foods should be considered in some types of cancer, Sağlam emphasized that they attach great importance to plants such as mint and parsley as food, but they do not recommend them and soybean to patients such as breast cancer because they contain estrogen.

Misinformation that is thought to be true in cancer delays the diagnosis!

Nutritional recommendations for cancer patients

Goat milk ice cream is good for mouth sores

prof. Dr. Esra Kaytan Sağlam underlined the need to pay attention to the balance in meeting the energy needs of patients such as esophagus tumor and stomach cancer who cannot directly feed, and stated that patients who should not take industrial sugar can get their sugar needs from products such as dates, raisins and dried apricots.

Explaining that milk desserts are also acceptable, Prof. Dr. Stating an emphasis on ice cream, which is also a dairy product, Sağlam said: “Ice cream is the product I use most for oral ulcers. Because a cold food with goat’s milk is very good for the wounds we call mucositis in the mouth, especially the wounds in the oral cavity and esophagus, and I recommend ice cream to my patients. It is a nutritious product that can be both cold and goat’s milk, as well as energy. I strongly recommend that they consume a scoop of ice cream every day. Again, black mulberry syrup is very good for mouth sores.”

Noting that mobility and not being obese are also important factors, Prof. Dr. “Muscle exercise is very important for cancer patients. We definitely recommend walking and light sports. In other words, walking, muscle relaxation, pulling, bending, and getting up should be done, especially exercises that work the abdominal, thigh, back and waist muscles. Vitamin D low should be noted. However, there is no evidence-research that vitamin D prevents cancer. Vitamin D deficiency in cancer patients may increase the risk of recurrence of the disease.

What does vitamin D do, in which foods is it found? Benefits and lack

Giving information about some factors to be considered in nutrition, Prof. Dr. Sağlam warned: “Let’s eat the fruit and vegetable of the season, let’s diversify our diet. Let’s get protein in the foreground, let’s get energy from less carbohydrates. Let’s get protein from vegetables and legumes. Vegetable proteinIt may be good to consume a certain amount of animal protein. Lean red meat can be eaten once a week.

Milk is a very common subject, but a glass of milk a day is not harmful, it can be drunk. If there is no problem in the intestine, yogurt is a good product, it can be consumed. Eggs are essential for us. In addition, it is very important to take sugar, albeit at a minimum, to take a nutrient from carbohydrates and even to take fibrous foods.”

Turmeric and parsley warning

Pointing to the blood-thinning properties of turmeric, Prof. Dr. Esra Kaytan Sağlam, blood-thinning foods radiotherapy He stated that there is a possibility of reducing the effectiveness of radiotherapy and that he does not recommend it to patients receiving radiotherapy. prof. Dr. Robust, as in nutrition in general turmericHe also said that it is necessary to consult a doctor about foods such as black cumin.

prof. Dr. After reminding the media about the consumption of parsley juice, Sağlam also warned and said:Parsley Juice diets are not recommended for breast cancer patients because they are very estrogen-containing preparations.

What diseases is parsley good for? What are the benefits and harms?

But if you’re eating two sprigs of parsley in your salad, that’s the dose. What is the dose of black cumin? Wispy. You should also pay attention to black seed oil because black cumin We do not know how much black cumin is used in its oil, but our dose is a pinch. What is the dosage of turmeric? It’s a very small amount, not a tablespoon. Then it becomes a toxic dose. The reason why drugs are drugs is that effective dose, toxic dose and side effects have been revealed. Omega 3black seed oil, nettle, as I said, using them over certain doses brings more harm than good.”




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