The symbol of the fight against cancer, Prof. Dr. Füsun Racing passed away!

fusun-yaris1One of the respected scientists of our country and one of the symbols of the fight against cancer, Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine Head of Family Medicine Department Prof. Dr. Füsun Racing passed away in her fight against cancer for years. prof. Dr. A ceremony will be held in front of the OMU Faculty of Medicine Dean’s Office at 09:30 tomorrow for the race. Professor who died at the age of 50. Dr. Füsun Race was one of the symbols of the fight against cancer.

Despite many difficulties for about 7 years, a real ‘Cancer Survivor’ succeeded by Prof. Dr. Füsun Racing managed to beat cancer against many setbacks and fatal mistakes. Despite being an advanced cancer patient, Prof. Dr. Apart from being an exemplary scientist for cancer patients, Füsun Racing continued her duty for a long time during her cancer treatment and wrote a chapter in an international medical book on ‘giving bad news to cancer patients’.

Living with cancer or being a ‘Cancer Survivor’

fusun-yaris-3Distinguished scientist and medical doctor Prof. Dr. Two years ago, we had a special interview with Füsun Racing for the Medical Academy and ONCOLife. prof. Dr. We commemorate Füsun Racing with respect. We strongly recommend this interview, in which we discussed the invisible dimension of the fight against cancer, to all our readers and cancer patients for his deep remembrance:

Living with cancer or being a ‘Cancer Survivor’!

The cancer-fighting story of a physician and scientist



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ayhan kandemir

ayhan kandemir

7 years ago

I wish God’s mercy on an unforgettable name

hmm.  Turkan Yilmaz

hmm. Turkan Yilmaz

7 years ago

Rest in peace.

Emine fire lion

Emine fire lion

7 years ago

Rest in peace

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