The right attitude in leukemia is as effective as the treatment! Recommendations for pediatric cancers

family-child-happyIn the treatment of leukemia, which is the first among the cancer types seen in childhood, the attitudes and behaviors of the family are of great importance in the treatment phase. Experts offer important advice: Control your anxiety, inform your child about his illness, create motivation against negative comments and allow him to socialize. The International Week of Children with Leukemia is organized every year to remind people that acute leukemia, which has a high chance of full recovery with medical treatment, should not be feared, and to provide all kinds of financial and moral support to people who are being treated for leukemia and their families as a society.

Experts point out that leukemia, known as “blood cancer” among the people, constitutes 35 percent of the cancer types seen in childhood and ranks first, and draws attention to the fact that leukemia cases are detected in an average of 1,200 to 1,500 children under the age of 16 every year in our country.

Advice for families of children with leukemia

Making a statement for the week determined between May 28-31 this year, Esma Uygun, a psychologist from Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Hospital, emphasized that the anxiety that arises in parents should be brought under control after the diagnosis of the disease.

Psychological support for leukemia patients positively affects treatment

Parent’s anxiety in leukemia also worries the child!

Esma Uygun gave the following advice to parents: “Parents whose children are diagnosed with leukemia experience high anxiety and restlessness. Of course, the diagnosis of cancer in their child, who is their most precious asset, will worry every parent. Usually, parents in this case reflect their child’s interest by showing more than normal interest. The child will feel that something is not right. The child who feels the parent’s anxiety will also start to worry. Therefore, you must first control your own anxiety.

The anxiety of the child, whose knowledge about the disease increases, decreases!

Regardless of the age of the child, we can definitely explain the situation with appropriate words. However, it is an important point to inform the child about the disease and to know that it is a treatable disease. As the child’s knowledge of his illness increases, his anxiety and sense of helplessness will decrease. It is very important for parents to know that leukemia is a curable disease and to be calm and cool when talking to their child.

Success rates continue to increase in childhood cancers

The treatment of the disease should be expressed in a language that the child can understand, it should be explained in a calm way, and positive examples should be shared about the people who are treated.
How we say it to children is more important than what we are told. It is necessary to use comforting expressions when talking about the disease. When we have questions we don’t know the answer to, we should say that we can ask the doctor. He should be informed about the difficulties he may experience in the treatment and the rules to be followed.

Socialization should be provided for the child with leukemia

Since the treatment period causes the child to stay away from school and social environments, it should be ensured that he participates in all kinds of activities that can be done with the knowledge of his doctor in order to socialize. Appropriate environments should be created for him to meet with his peers. Introducing him to his friends who have finished treatment and sharing with them will both provide psychological relief and support the socialization process.

Making the child have short-term and long-term dreams will support his hopes. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that these dreams are realistic dreams. It will be hopeful to talk about social activities to be held after leaving the hospital, short-term dreams about school life, future profession, vacation plans.

Recommendations for families whose children will have surgery and 10 correct approaches to implement

Motivation is essential for negative comments.

It can be ensured that the child’s close environment is informed and their support is received, but we do not have the chance to control the unconscious discourses from the society. If the family and the child know what the disease is and are motivated and accept the treatment, external comments will not affect them negatively. Comments made unconsciously in the social environment should be explained to the child with a calm and enlightening approach.




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