The most important step in the fight against cancer is to inform children and young people correctly!

Accurately informing children and young people is of vital importance for early diagnosis of cancer! The “9th International ‘Growing Plant’ Oncology Days” was held in Muş by the Young Savings Association to raise awareness about cancer. Associations fighting against cancer, international non-governmental organizations, scientists, experts, cancer patients, young people and students from 10 different countries participated in the event. In the event, the main theme of which was determined as “women’s cancers”, new developments in the fight against women’s cancers, from diagnosis to treatment, were discussed in all their dimensions. Speaking at the opening ceremony at Alparslan University Congress and Culture Center, Young Savings Association President Salih Yüce said that their goal as an association is to protect children and young people against cancer.

Reminding that the chance of treatment increases with early diagnosis, Yüce said, “For this reason, it is very important to inform families, children and young people about cancer correctly in terms of prevention of the disease and early diagnosis.”

Pointing out that cancer, which will rank first among the causes of death in the future according to the Ministry of Health data, is a multifaceted health problem with psycho-social and economic aspects, Salih Yüce said: to receive, cancer It expands and strengthens the field of combating with it and contributes to the studies on creating a social awareness.

In the field of cancer, which is a disease without borders, sharing experiences and good examples at international and national level is also of great importance. The experience of one country in the field of cancer can be a guide for another country.

This year’s theme is ‘women’s cancers’

Emphasizing that they aim to increase the knowledge of all public and private parties on this issue by choosing women’s cancers as a theme, Salih Yüce said, “This agenda will not only create a situation that protects children and young people, but will also provide results that improve the relationship between health care providers and cancer patients.”

Expressing that the whole society, especially the youth, learn about patient rights, it will pave the way for a better quality treatment process in case of any cancer diagnosis, Yüce said, “Health and patient rights, which is one of the most important parts of universal human rights, is one of the issues that should always remain on the agenda in the field of cancer. From the moment the patient is diagnosed, he has various rights regarding his treatment. Guiding young people to make regular health checks will not only speed up the diagnosis of cancer, but also pave the way for young people to exercise their right to health.

We wake up to some issues that we are blind to through these events.

Muş Alparslan University Rector Prof. Dr. Fethi Ahmet Polat, on the other hand, stated that they hosted an important program in his speech and said, “We wake up to some issues that we are deaf and blind to, through these events. As a university, we will give all the support we can. We are hosting the program for the 3rd time. We are also very happy about that. Very valuable people came here from all over the world. It is an honor for us,” he said.

Awareness march to fight cancer

“Awareness march for the fight against cancer” was also held in the event, which was organized with the participation of the EU Commission, WHO, Muş Municipality, Alparslan University, as well as many patient solidarity associations. Volunteers and citizens, who came together in front of the Muş municipality, walked from Istasyon Street to the People’s Garden, accompanied by music, wearing a pink t-shirt.




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