The importance of family and support in cancer disease

doctor-supportCancer is a family disease. Family; Although it consists of mother, father, spouse, children and friends, it has a very important role in the functioning of the disease and treatment. During certain periods of the disease and treatment, the patient may experience both physical and mental problems. It is the families who can influence and help the patient the most during these times.

> Helping the patient with their daily work, which was his responsibility before the illness,
> Accompanying the patient in hospital visits for chemotherapy, radiotherapy, operation, examination and control,
> Helping the patient find correct answers to his/her questions about the disease and its psychological effects,
> Helping the patient to cope with feelings, thoughts and situations that reduce or lose motivation, and provide explanations,
> To take measures against the financial impossibilities caused by the patient’s inability to work or continue his/her job,

These are some of the supports. While giving these and other supports, the relatives of the patients should provide their support in a planned and logical way, taking into account their physical and mental status, social life and responsibilities. Otherwise, possible problems that the relatives of the patients may experience;

Fatigue and scheduling problems caused by increased workload

Financial problems due to a decrease in the source of income or increased costs of treatment
Inability to determine how to treat the patient due to the variability of the disease, treatment and symptoms

Self-isolation and isolated lifestyle from social environment and environments

And similar situations bring with them physical and mental problems. The patient’s relative may feel physically tired and mentally worried and anxious. In such a case, adequate support cannot be provided to the patient. This is not a good situation for the functioning of the disease. It is obvious that this situation, which is generally ignored or not noticed, is of great importance. Therefore, the relatives of the patients should reach the right information about the disease, treatment and symptoms, make a list of the material and moral problems that may occur, take precautions and find solutions.

Getting counseling from mental health professionals about the method of these supports will increase the quality of life of both the patient and their relatives and increase the positive effect of the treatment.

With conscious and motivated patients, their relatives and appropriate treatment methods, we can cope with cancer and overcome it.




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