The foot that steps on the gas pedal in cancer: Sugar

sugar-turkish delight“Recent research has shown that the foods we consume talk to our genes in a sense and their messages can turn our immune system on and off,” said Medical Oncologist Prof. According to Canfeza Sezgin, it has been voiced more loudly in scientific circles that a diet high in carbohydrates or sugar increases the risk of cancer. According to the news of Tülay Karabağ from, the relationship between cancer and sugar has been on the agenda of oncology for a long time. There are different voices in the medical world about sugar, as in some other issues. While some experts say that sugar is not effective in the development or spread of cancer after it has developed, others think that sugar is one of the important sources that feed the cancer cell.

Evaluating the sugar-cancer relationship and stating that epigenetic variables such as environment, exercise, stress, meditation, spirituality and diet can cause external changes in DNA, Prof. Dr. Canfeza Sezgin said that the issue of sugar and glucose, which feeds cancer indirectly, if not directly, continues to be discussed very intensely.


Stating that the insulin hormone is a kind of companion that allows glucose and sugar to enter the cells, Sezgin said, “When there is sugar in the blood, insulin is produced, allowing the sugar to enter the cell and be used for energy production in the mitochondria. Too much sugar raises blood sugar and insulin levels. Over time, normal healthy cells cannot take in more sugar than they need. Insulin receptors in the cell’s membrane become unresponsive to insulin and no longer respond. In this case, insulin resistance develops. Insulin resistance is also associated with obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and an increased risk of cancer.

Excess sugar consumption impairs human health by increasing the risk of cancer.


“Cancer cells are like an old-style engine that gives bad performance (energy) despite consuming a lot of fuel (sugar)”, Prof. Sezgin explained how cancer cells use sugar: “Because they need much more fuel, the surface of cancer cells is surrounded by insulin receptors and they take tens of times more sugar into the cell than a healthy cell. Therefore, even when insulin resistance occurs in healthy cells, cancer cells continue to take in sugar.

Insulin releases sugar into the cancer cell, and this causes the genes that enable the cancer cell to multiply. Scientists describe this effect as ‘like a foot on the gas pedal’, which triggers the growth of cancer cells.”


Well, if the foods we eat can turn off cancer genes and turn on tumor suppressor genes, what should we eat? Professor, who is also the author of the book Full Healing, which gives natural recipes to get rid of diseases. Emphasizing nutrition in rainbow colors, Canfeza Sezgin said: “The answer to this question is; It is the consumption of plenty of vegetables of different colors such as the rainbow. Vegetables are rich in phytochemicals, which protect plants from the environment, stressors, sun, toxins, and more. Humans need phytochemicals to be healthy.

Does alkaline therapy work in cancer?

They affect our genes, strengthen immunity, provide detoxification, have a positive effect on heart health, ensure a healthy estrogen metabolism, prevent inflammation and feed the beneficial bacteria in our intestines.


Other components of a healthy diet are fats and proteins. The healthy choice in this regard is to consume foods containing fat such as avocado, fish, oil seeds (hazelnuts, walnuts), seeds, hazelnut oil and organic butter. In addition, olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil-milk, and avocado oil are other good choices.


Protein sources are eggs, fish, red meat, chicken, turkey. Unprocessed dairy milk, yogurt and cheese are other sources of protein. Cereals also contain protein. Animal protein sources should be preferred over free-range and organic ones.”




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