Success in lymphoma treatment increased from 40% to 85%

lymphomaLymphoma, popularly known as lymph cancer, is actually a lymph node cancer. It is manifested by the enlargement of lymph nodes. Unless there is no harmful stimulus in the body, it is difficult to detect and its growth is not noticed. Lymph nodes are a system that surrounds the neck, armpits, groin and veins in our body. Hematology Specialist Prof. said that thanks to the important developments in medicine in recent years, important developments have been achieved in the treatment of lymphoma. Dr. Mustafa Yenerel said, “40 years ago, 40% of patients were cured of lymphoma treatment, but today this rate is over 85%.”

”Wait-watch tactic”
Pointing out that lymphoma is divided into 30 subtypes and in some cases, lymphoma is only followed for years, without the need for treatment, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yenerel gives the following information: “In some cases, the disease progresses rapidly. While 40 percent of patients were cured of lymphoma 40 years ago, today, 85 percent or even 100 percent of patients can get satisfactory treatment results,” he said.

Pesticide-containing drugs used in agriculture cause lymphoma

Lymphoma can also be seen in the tonsils, spleen, liver, and intestines besides the lymph nodes. Lymphoma can have a low, moderate and rapid course and is classified according to the rate of disease. Rapidly progressing lymphomas present with symptoms such as sweating, weakness, fever and fatigue, apart from lymph enlargement. In low-progress lymphoma, as long as there is no pressure from the lymph nodes on the organ, it can be followed closely for years with the “wait and watch” tactic, without giving any medication.

Lymphoma treatment makes you smile

Although the exact cause is not clear, lymphoma is a disease that results from contact with agricultural and pesticides, radiation and environmental conditions, and also creates a direct tendency to AIDS. However, the treatment of lymphoma can result in a very satisfactory way today. Thanks to early diagnosis and personalized treatment, lymphoma is no longer a disease to be feared. Thanks to targeted smart drug treatments, the chance of recovery is increasing.

What is lymphoma (lymph gland enlargement)? How is it treated?




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