Start the fight against cancer from your table! Pay attention to these foods during the treatment process!

Cancer, which is among the diseases that cause life-threatening risks in the modern world, ceases to be a danger with modern methods developed for diagnosis and treatment and small changes in people’s lifestyles. Medical Oncology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Serkan Keskin gave information about the points that cancer patients should pay attention to during the treatment process. Cancer, which is one of the most common diseases of the 21st century, has become a disease that people meet through a relative or friend, even if they are not themselves. While healthy individuals should review all their life habits to prevent cancer, people with this disease should be more careful.

During the treatment period, the sense of taste may change due to both the side effects of the drugs and the disease, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting and malnutrition. Studies show that people who eat regularly and healthily during treatment are more resistant to some side effects due to the treatments applied against cancer, and they can get used to higher-dose drugs quickly.

You can minimize the harmful effects of chemotherapy by drinking plenty of water.

The concept of nutrition, which is of great importance in cancer patients, is not much different from the diet that healthy people should apply. The important thing here is that the individual can maintain an adequate and balanced diet, depending on the side effects of the treatment. Things to consider during this period:

  • At least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits of different colors should be consumed per day.
  • Whole grain products (wholegrain) should be preferred instead of processed grain products.
  • Processed and fatty meat consumption should be reduced.
  • Protein consumption should be increased.
  • In order to minimize the harmful effects of chemotherapy, at least 2 liters of water should be drunk daily, especially during treatment.
  • Avoid foods high in sugar and fat that are not nutritious.

Do not take nutritional supplements without consulting your doctor.

Diversifying nutrition is the basic rule of meeting many nutritional elements that a person needs, namely vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the most balanced way. Meeting the nutritional elements that the body needs is even more important in cancer patients. In this process, nutritional and vitamin supplements should not be taken unconsciously.

While eating a balanced diet affects health positively; Antioxidant drugs such as vitamins E and C, folic acid may impair the effect of some chemotherapy drugs and radiotherapy. For this reason, the patient should consult his doctor if he is going to use a multivitamin or mineral medicine.

These foods fight cancer!

Keep high protein foods in your cupboard

If the person experiences weight loss during the treatment, care should be taken to feed little by little every 1-2 hours. It is important to focus on certain food groups in order to be consumed when hungry.

  • Eat foods that you love that are high in calories.
  • Take care to eat small, frequent meals.
  • During meals, do not drink liquids, as this can cause bloating.
  • Try to dine in a pleasant atmosphere with your family or loved ones.
  • Try to stay away from all kinds of stress during the meal.
  • Do not eat immediately after treatment.
  • Do not go into the kitchen while the food is cooking, the smell of food can suppress your appetite.

– Exercise for 5-10 minutes at least half an hour before meals, this will increase your appetite.

– Serving the food more elegantly can increase your appetite. Remember; “A good meal is eaten with the eyes first, then the nose, and finally the mouth.”

– Make good use of the moments when you feel good and consume a rich meal. Many people have more appetite in the morning because they are more rested.

– If possible, choose to eat something at bedtime. This will not affect your appetite at your next meal.

10 most effective measures to prevent cancer

Pay attention to these foods during the treatment process!

  • Instead of grapefruit and grapefruit juice, orange, tangerine and lemon can be consumed.
  • All pickles, pickled foods.
  • Products such as canned foods, sausage, salami, sausage.
  • Ready fruit juices, cola drinks, instant soups.
  • Products such as alcohol and tobacco.
  • Products cooked in heavy oil.
  • Ready-made desserts, cakes.
  • Stinging nettle meal.
  • Smoked foods.
  • Limit consumption of beverages such as coffee and tea

Avoid oily foods and sauces with lots of butter.




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