Smoking is the most important cause of cancer in men

The fourth of the National Lung Cancer Congresses, organized by the Turkish Lung Cancer Society (TAKD), which is the most comprehensive congress on lung cancer held in Turkey, was held in Antalya. 11 conferences, 8 panels, 39 poster presentations and 11 oral presentations were held at the congress, which was followed by 350 participants, 6 of whom were foreign faculty members, served as session chairmen and speakers.

More than 100,000 people die from smoking every year in Turkey.

Speaking at the press conference held within the scope of the congress, President of the Turkish Lung Cancer Society Prof. Dr. Nezih Özdemir stated that tobacco is the main cause of cancer-related deaths in men worldwide, and this rate is increasing in women. prof. Dr. Özdemir said, “Tobacco-related deaths in the world in 2005 are 5.4 million people and 1.5 million of them are cancer deaths. If the current situation continues like this, 6.4 million tobacco deaths and 2.1 million tobacco-related cancer deaths are expected in 2015. In 2030, 8.3 million people are expected to die due to total smoking. It is estimated that deaths in low- and middle-income countries will double between 2002 and 2030.

The most effective smoking cessation methods and drug cessation treatments

16 million people smoke in Turkey

Stating that 100 thousand people die from diseases related to smoking every year in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Özdemir gave the following information: “We estimate that 5 million of our citizens will die due to this in the next 25 years. We anticipate that we will spend approximately 1.5 trillion dollars on smoking-related diseases in the same period. According to the latest data, 30 thousand people are diagnosed with new lung cancer every year in our country, only 15% of these patients live for 5 years, and 20 thousand people die from the same disease every year. In our country, 31% (16 million people) of adults aged fifteen and over smoke. Cigarette smoking is 50% in men and about 15% in women.”

Smoking ban begins to take effect

Stating that there has been a partial decrease in cigarette consumption with the ‘Smoke-Free Air Zone’, which has been implemented recently, Prof. Özdemir said, “According to recent studies, smoking rates have decreased by 2% in the general population. In other words, 7% of smokers quit smoking on average.

In addition, 21 percent of the total number of cigarettes smoked, 44% of the employees reduced the number of cigarettes smoked during working hours. Although there was no ban, 19% did not smoke at home, 21% continued to smoke only on the balcony, and 9% reduced the frequency of smoking at home. According to the data of the Tobacco and Alcohol Market Supervisory Board (TAPDK), cigarette consumption, which was 3 billion 641 million packages in the first 8 months of last year, decreased to 3 billion 50 million packages in the first 8 months of this year.

The smoking ban in indoor areas reduced cigarette sales by 16.2% this year. As the association, we fully support the ‘Smoke-Free Air Space’ project and we want the necessary measures to be taken to eliminate the problems in the implementation.




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