Regular exercise and sports are vital to prevent cancer.

Cancer is among the diseases whose incidence is increasing rapidly all over the world and in Turkey. Environmental factors, daily living habits and quality of life are added to the genetic factors that are effective in the emergence of cancer. When alcohol, obesity and adverse environmental conditions are added to smoking, which is shown as one of the most important causes of cancer, the fact that there are modifiable causes of cancer increases its importance day by day. It is actually possible to prevent cancer or to prevent some types of cancer. Regular and healthy nutrition, weight and stress control, as well as regular exercise open the doors of a quality life. Providing information about cancer prevention methods, Medical Oncology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Soley Bayraktar made important suggestions and warnings before “February 04 World Cancer Day”:

Get to know the environmental factors well

Cancer is considered a group of diseases, not a single disease. The disease, which has hundreds of types, is rapidly increasing all over the world and is among the life-threatening risk factors after heart diseases. Although there are causes of cancer that cannot be changed, some changes that can prevent cancer formation allow the disease to be controlled. Although genetic causes and advancing age cannot be prevented, it is now a known fact that cancer can be reduced by environmental factors and regulation of daily living habits.

Miracle solution against cancer: Walking reduces the risk of breast cancer!

In addition, it is important to recognize the environmental factors that predispose to the formation of cancer. These;

  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • being overweight
  • Consuming hormonal foods or taking hormone-containing pills
  • HPV virus (only sexually transmitted)
  • receive radiation
  • Not being protected from the sun and being exposed to the harmful rays of the sun
  • To smoke

Even a single cigarette increases risk of death

Excess weight and smoking are among the most important causes of cancer diseases. Even if cigarettes are smoked in small amounts, the risk of developing cancer is high. Even for people who smoke only one cigarette a day throughout their life, the risk of early death is 64% higher than non-smokers. Those who smoke 1 to 10 cigarettes a day have an 87% higher risk of premature death. The earlier you quit smoking, the faster the cancer risk decreases. The smoking-cancer relationship is most strikingly seen in lung cancer.

Even those who smoke less than 1 cigarette a day have a 9 times higher risk of lung cancer than non-smokers. Those who smoke 1 to 10 cigarettes a day have a 12 times higher risk of lung cancer than non-smokers. Smoking increases the risk of not only cancer but also other chronic lung diseases. Accordingly, the risk of death from lung diseases increases 6 times and the risk of death from heart diseases increases 1.5 times compared to non-smokers who smoke 1 to 10 cigarettes a day.

Is it possible to prevent cancer? Here are the most effective prevention methods

You can prevent 13 different cancers by exercising regularly.

According to the latest study of the American National Cancer Agency (NCI), it has been revealed that regular exercise reduces the risk of developing cancer by 20%. Sports especially; It has a reducing effect on the risk of breast, colon and uterine cancer. Sports also reduce the risk of esophageal cancer, liver, stomach, kidney, head and neck, bladder cancer and leukemia. Another striking fact revealed by the researches is that the risk of developing cancer decreases when smokers and overweight people exercise regularly.

150 minutes of exercise a week reduces the risk of cancer

Sports, which have a protective effect against many diseases, especially cancer, should be done at least 2.5 hours a week. Sports should be specific to the person’s health condition and should be done at a moderate-vigorous level, usually with a heart rate of at least 120. Swimming, cycling, running on soft ground provide a healthier body. Exercises that increase the heart rate, work the body physically and burn fat are called ‘cardio’.

Exercise reduces cancer risk by at least 20%

In addition to cardio exercises that regulate metabolism, it is recommended that everyone lift a certain amount of weight in order to have stronger bones and muscles. Especially women are recommended to lift weights suitable for them against the risk of osteoporosis after menopause. The body, whose metabolism is strengthened by doing sports, allows the person to stay at the ideal weight by burning more calories. Sport also reduces inflammation in the body by breaking insulin resistance and reduces growth hormones that lead to abnormal cells that can turn into cancer.




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