Red meat increases the risk of breast cancer!

red-meat-roastA new study in the USA indicates that eating a lot of red meat in adulthood may increase the risk of breast cancer. Harvard University experts say that consuming beans, peas, lentils, poultry, nuts and fish instead of red meat can reduce the risk of cancer in young women. Similar studies have shown that consuming too much red and processed meat can increase the risk of bowel cancer.

As part of the research at Harvard University, the health status of 89,000 women aged 24-43 years was examined. Then, the dietary habits of 3,000 women with breast cancer were examined. Doctor Meryem Fervid, regarding her research, the results of which were published in the British Medical Journal, said, “High consumption of meat may be a risk factor for breast cancer,” but she said that this risk is “small.”

ulcer-food-imageOxford University health research expert Prof. Dr. Tim Key said that this study only found a “weak link” between red meat and breast cancer, and that this was not enough to change the prevailing view that there was no clear link between the two. prof. Dr. “Women can reduce their risk of breast cancer by staying at a healthy weight, consuming less alcohol, and being physically active,” Key said. “It’s also not a bad idea to eat beans and fish instead of red meat, which has been associated with bowel cancer.”
The UK Department of Health recommends that those who consume more than 90 grams (cooked weight) of red and processed meat per day should reduce it to 70 grams. Source: BBC




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