Psychological support factor is critical in cancer treatment

Medical Park Hospitals Group and the Psycho-Oncology Association are implementing the social support project “Together Possible” to help patients struggling with cancer and their relatives hold on to life more strongly. Starting with the shock and rejection experienced from the moment of cancer diagnosis; The psychological difficulties that occur in different ways and in severity throughout the process are important factors that can affect many issues, from the type and time of treatment. Many studies draw attention to the importance of psychological support for patients in cancer treatment processes. Moreover, psychological support of the social environment of cancer patients contributes positively to the process, since not only patients but also their relatives experience similar difficulties during the treatment.

Oncology cannot be considered independent of psychology.

Providing information about the project, MLP Care Medical Services Director Dr. Şerif Köksal said, “We are involved in the treatment processes of more than 52 thousand cancer patients annually. Due to our case knowledge in the field of oncology, we clearly observe the need for psychological support of both our patients and their social circles throughout their treatment processes. We have prepared a social responsibility project to respond to this need. Cancer treatments can have devastating effects on patients.

The first step in the fight against cancer should be psychological support!

However, it is possible to minimize and sometimes even destroy these effects, to reverse them, and to live the processes differently with the harmonious cooperation of all actors. With the Together Possible project, we would like to draw attention to the fact that oncology and psychology are parts of an inseparable whole in cancer treatment, and that psychological support is not only for patients; We wanted to explain that the relatives and even the health personnel who are with the patients during the treatment are also needed.”

Psychosocial support begins in the first stage of cancer

Stating that the aim and scope of the Together Possible project is a first in the fight against cancer in Turkey, President of the Psycho-Oncology Association Psychiatrist Dr. Muzaffer Uyar said, “The incidence of many psychiatric disorders in cancer patients is high. Disorders such as panic attacks, depression and chronic stress are among the most common problems we encounter in cancer patients. The psychosocial approach, on the other hand, is a people and society oriented approach. Cancer patients need psychosocial support at all stages of the disease.

If someone is told that he has cancer, this news is perceived as a death news by the person and their relatives. This situation creates a shock and trauma effect to the person and their relatives. At this point, even how this news is delivered is extremely important. The release of this news can either reduce or increase the shock effect. This is where the psychosocial approach first begins. Sometimes a family member feels more responsible and suffers more than the patient himself. Being aware of the importance of all these processes in the treatment of cancer, Medical Park’s development of a psychosocial support policy in our cooperation has been a very valuable step in this sense.”

Psychiatric support increases success in cancer treatment

Psycho-social struggle commission is established

Psychological problems that will be determined as a result of the studies to be carried out for the patients and their relatives within the scope of the project will be followed up by making psychological profiling. Psychological treatments of cancer patients will be carried out in coordination with specialist physicians working in the oncology department of the hospital. In addition, with the “Psycho-Social Fight Against Cancer Commission” established within the body of Medical Park Hospitals Group, the psychological support to be given to patients and their relatives will be made more effective across all hospitals within the group.




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