Positive results from prostate cancer patients treated with marine bacteria

prostate-cancerIt was reported that a new treatment method tried in early stage prostate cancer across Europe gave positive results. With the treatment using laser and drugs obtained from sea bacteria, tumors are destroyed without causing serious side effects. According to the article in the medical journal “Lancet Oncology”, the new treatment was tried in a total of 413 patients in different European countries. In almost half of these patients, the cancerous cells disappeared completely. Prostate cancer surgery and radiotherapy often result in lifelong side effects such as impotence and urinary incontinence.

Nine out of 10 patients treated have erectile dysfunction, and one-fifth have urinary incontinence. This is why many patients with early-stage prostate cancer delay their treatment until the disease progresses. Trying the new method at UCL University in London, Prof. “This changes everything,” said Mark Emberton.

Bacteria turns into poison with laser beam

The drug used in the new treatment is derived from a bacterium that grows in deep-sea beds and turns into a poison when exposed to light. As part of the treatment, 10 fiberoptic laser rods are inserted into the cancerous prostate gland from the part between the anus and testis. Activated by laser beam, the drug kills the cancer and the healthy prostate remains untouched. In 47 percent of the patients, the symptoms of the disease disappeared with the method tried in 47 hospitals.

While the prostate was removed in 30 percent of the patients who were not treated with this treatment, this rate decreased to six percent in the new method. After the new treatment, the sexual life of the patients returned to normal within three months, and urinary problems disappeared. None of the patients, who were usually discharged one day after surgery, had any complications two years after treatment. Source:BBC




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