Permanent make-up gives morale to cancer patients, and renews what is spilled with chemotherapy!

Cancer patients have concerns about their physical appearance as well as their disease. Chemotherapy, which is the main part of the treatment, removes hair, eyebrows and eyelashes for a long time. This difference in the appearance of patients also leads to a great psychological disadvantage. Stating that women battling cancer do not lose their joy of life with the care they show for their appearance, Beautician Serpil Babacan states that shedding can be hidden by applying tattoos to the eyebrows and permanent make-up to the eyelashes, and that these practices will contribute to the morale and motivation of the patients. Medical Academy Ankara Representative Hatice PALA KAYASerpil Babacan, who gave information about permanent make-up, said, “Permanent make-up; It means micropigment application, that is, the process we do is the process of placing herbal dyes under the skin with the help of sterile and disposable needles.

“Doctors recommend us to most cancer patients”

Emphasizing that these applications can be made after completing the treatment process in cancer patients, Babacan said, “We are actually in cooperation with doctors here. Doctors recommend us to most cancer patients. They recommend their patients to use these opportunities for their fallen eyebrows and eyelashes. Because we are in the moral part of cancer. We exist to motivate them when they look in the mirror. And I think we are succeeding.”

The application has no side effects on the skin

Explaining that there is no harm in the application in terms of health as long as it is done in expert hands, with certified and approved products, Serpil Babacan noted that completely herbal products are used, permanent make-up or eyeliner has no side effects on the skin and does not leave any traces.

The most important element is the ‘needle’ used

Emphasizing that the practitioners should be experts in this business so that the procedure does not cause problems, Serpil Babacan asked the patients to be very meticulous and pay attention to hygiene and professionalism while having such applications. Pointing out that the most important point to be considered is the needles used, Babacan said:

“We use disposable needles for our customers. We even open the needle next to them in order not to leave any question marks in mind. We apply the same system not only to cancer patients but also to normal customers. Because there are blood-borne diseases, there may be a risk of infection. For this reason, the material must be sterile and disposable. We are responsible for the hygiene of each customer.”

Immunotherapy will increase success in the treatment of hematological cancers

Cancer patients want permanent eyebrow makeup and eyeliner application

Stating that women, men and even cancer patients prefer permanent eyebrow make-up today, Babacan said, “Those who have sparse eyebrows, burns, have scars on their eyebrows from childhood or as a result of an accident, and those who have undergone cancer treatment. Especially when cancer patients come to us after chemotherapy, they want permanent eyebrow makeup and eyeliner application. As a result, there is no hair on the eyebrows and eyelashes and the eyes disappear.

Points to be considered after the application…

Making a statement about the points to be considered after the procedure, Serpil Babacan said: “A sterile process awaits the individual. The area where permanent make-up is applied should be kept moist for a week after the application. To the eyebrows; vaseline for eyes; Teramycin should be applied 3 times a day, water should not be touched for three days, and a control should be made after a month.”

Fee discount for cancer patients

Serpil Babacan, who said that they provide easy wages for women with cancer for permanent make-up applications, said, “It is not even possible for us to charge a fee for those whose economic situation is not good. Cancer is a disease that can happen to any of us at any time. That’s why we are sensitive about this issue and we try to support them in this process.”




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