Pay attention to hard and painless masses in the breast tissue.

Expressing his opinion on the occasion of February 4, World Cancer Day, Anadolu Health Center Medical Oncology Specialist and Turkish Medical Oncology Association Vice President Prof. Dr. Serdar Turhal emphasized that the genetic characteristics of cancer have gradually emerged thanks to research and the fight against cancer has gained strength with innovative drugs. He stated that even in cases of metastatic (advanced) breast cancer, the survival time can be extended and the quality of life can be increased thanks to innovative drugs.

While cancer continues to be one of the biggest health problems of humanity, various studies are carried out to raise awareness about cancer on February 4, which is accepted as the Cancer Day worldwide. Anadolu Medical Center Medical Oncology Specialist and Vice President of Turkish Medical Oncology Association Prof. Dr. Serdar Turhal explained the formation of breast cancer as follows: “Breast cancer is the uncontrolled proliferation of the tissues that make up the breast, mostly the ducts that carry milk, and more rarely the glands that make milk, in a non-functioning structure, and it also prevents those tissues from showing their own functions by replacing other tissues. occur as a result. According to the data of the Ministry of Health, the general cancer and breast cancer rates in Turkey are lower than the USA and European Union countries.

Significant advances in breast cancer treatment

The most common symptom is firm and painless masses in the breast.

prof. Dr. Serdar Turhal summarized the symptoms of breast cancer as follows: “The most common symptom is a mass that is harder and not painful than the breast tissue. Often the borders of this mass with normal tissues are not clear. Less common symptoms include redness of the breast skin tissue or the appearance of an orange peel, nipple recession, nipple discharge, and pain.

Breast cancer is now a ‘chronic’ disease thanks to innovative treatments

Stating that the development of effective drugs in the treatment of breast cancer today allows many patients to keep the disease under control for a long time, Prof. Dr. Serdar Turhal said: “These developments have enabled cancer to become a chronic disease. With the contribution of the human genome project, which was completed in April 2003, and the cancer genome projects, the first results of which were received in 2013, it has become possible to determine the genetic characteristics of cancers and to develop preventive drugs for this. These innovative drugs work by detecting the development paths of tumors and blocking them, and with these properties, they achieve this goal by causing less damage to healthy cells. Turkey is in a relatively good position in terms of early access to cancer drugs compared to its own countries. The burden of drugs produced with advanced technology on national budgets is a universal problem, including countries with a per capita income much higher than ours, and each country is trying to find solutions to this problem within its own means.

5-year survival time doubled in metastatic breast cancer

The goal of metastatic breast cancer treatment is longer survival and higher quality of life.

prof. Dr. Serdar Turhal gave important information about metastatic (advanced) breast cancer and developments in its treatment: “We call metastasis when breast cancer cells break off from the place where they form in the breast tissue, adhere to distant tissues and multiply there. Cancers at this stage are also called metastatic, that is, advanced stage. As a general rule, breast cancer is a disease that can be cured when it is detected at an early stage, while the probability of being cured decreases as the stage progresses. Therefore, the main aim in metastatic breast cancer is to alleviate the problems caused by the cancer in the patient, to postpone these problems to later periods, and to prolong the patient’s life as much as possible without impairing the quality of life of the patient. For this reason, everyone should take responsibility for their own health in order to have a chance for early diagnosis. Breast cancer patients should not neglect to cooperate closely with their doctors and should try to be in a positive mood as much as possible. In addition, it is extremely important for the future of cancer treatment that patients who are recommended to participate in cancer research in our country, if they do not have a special disability, support these studies.”




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