Painless solution to cancer: Radio surgery

radiotherapyA new method applied at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon is called high-quality radiotherapy or radiosurgery. Patients who are hospitalized in a special device are given radio waves to hit the tumor, and this method is defined as modern x-rays. The biggest feature of these new devices is that the waves determine the location of the tumor and make a point shot. As a result of radio operations, it is observed that the tumors can disappear in a few sessions.

Located in Lisbon, the Champalimaud Foundation is a non-profit cancer research center. Aiming to treat 15,000 patients in 2014 alone, the foundation also provides services in prostate cancer cases that affect nearly 400,000 people every year in 28 countries of the European Union.

The head of the foundation’s cancer research is Professor Carlo Greco, who has worked effectively in Italy and the USA. The professor likened the new technologies to the GPS system in cars: “This tracking tool is actually like GPS. It shows you what is going on inside, how the therapy is beneficial, how it penetrates the tumor. In prostate cancers, we can scan the urinary tract with our new system, so we decide on the path we will follow during therapy.”

Professor Greco explained that the new technology effectively penetrates different tumors: “Before starting therapy, we determine the condition of the patient’s tumors and send radio waves to the exact target. This technology is much more economical than other methods, because here we can decide how many sessions of radio waves will be applied, we can increase the sessions. For example, we can finish prostate cancer with 5 mini-sessions. In fact, we can achieve a positive result by giving more radiation in a single session, according to the patient’s desire.”

In the garden of the Champalimaud Foundation, prostate cancer patient Jose mentioned that his tumor was ineffective in a single session: “When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, my son came here to the Champalimaud Foundation and made an appointment for me. I came and went into radio surgery, which was kind of like having an X-ray, I felt neither pain nor discomfort. Now I am very well.”

Of course, not everyone can be as lucky as Jose. In most cases, the cancer can progress beyond the treatment period. However, it is possible to put a stop to tumors with the new radio therapy system.(Euronews)




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