Op.Dr.Ebru Şen Answered Everything You Need to Know About French Lips

Kiss. Dr. Ebru Şen, Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

How do you apply French lips and what do you use?

I use hyaluronic acid filler on my french lip. It includes the application to the supramuscular plan and to the areas where we want the lip to be anatomically defined. The entire lip is not randomly plumped, which allows you to have a naturally voluminous lip that does not become artificial while plumping. I apply the method with a cannula, which saves the lips from being repeatedly traumatized by needles. Lips are very sensitive organs, so they appear larger in the first few days due to edema. But when the edema regresses, they reach their true size.

Are there any negative situations encountered in French lip application?

We may encounter excessive edema in the upper lip in allergic, sensitive individuals and deformations due to previous fillings. This situation is specific to the first days and regresses in an average of 3-7 days and the French lip is achieved.

exp. Dr. Ebru Sen

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