New blood test can detect skin cancer quickly and accurately

sweat-testBritish scientists have developed a blood test that can detect melanoma at a very early stage; It is stated that the margin of error of this test is close to zero and it gives results in a very short time. The blood test, developed by Oxford BioDynacis, the health institution of Oxford University, can diagnose whether the spots on the skin are cancerous by analyzing many markers. The first experimental application of the test was performed on around 600 Australian citizens and the skin cancer detection rate was found to be quite high. Stating that the new test reduces the diagnosis time by 80% compared to existing methods, experts emphasize that another advantage is its practicality.

One of the authors of the study, which gave information about the new blood test, Dr. Alexandre Akoulitchev said, “This method aims to prevent late diagnosis in skin cancer. DNA structure in skin cells is analyzed with blood samples taken from patients. According to the data obtained, if there is a suspicious situation, it is decided to take a part from the person. Thus, precise results can be obtained in a very short time. “We think this new test will make great contributions to early diagnosis and treatment success.”

Lung cancer can be detected 5 years earlier with newly developed blood test




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