Lung cancer costs Turkey 9 billion TL

Revealing the economic burden of lung cancer in Turkey Lung Cancer Report in Turkey announced. The report revealed that the total economic burden of lung cancer in Turkey is approximately 8.8 billion TL. in the report lung cancerIn addition to the economic burden created by; The current situation in our country regarding risk factors and prevention, early diagnosis and screening programs, diagnosis and treatment process, and supportive treatment in lung cancer was also analyzed, and solutions were proposed by determining the points where improvement could be made for each area.

It was prepared with the unconditional support of AstraZeneca Turkey, brought together by Lung Cancers Association, Lung Health and Intensive Care Association, Health Sciences University, Turkish Medical Oncology Association, Turkish Cancer Institute and Turkish Respiratory Research Association. in the report The economic burden caused by lung cancer in Turkey has been comprehensively revealed by taking into account all direct and indirect costs.

The meeting held at the Ankara campus of the University of Health Sciences to introduce the report, Rector of the University of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Prof. Cevdet Erdöl and a member of the Scientific Committee on the Report on Lung Cancer in Turkey. Dr. Ahmet Öz also attended.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl said, “Lung cancer affects a very important part of the male population in our country and is the most common type of cancer in men. Although there are many causes of lung cancer, the biggest and preventable cause we know is smoking. Due to the rapid increase in smoking among young people and women, the number of women diagnosed with lung cancer is also increasing rapidly. For this reason, the fight against smoking is the first step in the fight against lung cancer.

Making a statement about the report, Prof. Lung Cancer Report Scientific Committee member. Dr. Ahmet Abstract mentioned the following: “The risk factors for cancer worldwide are tobacco products, weight gain, alcohol, ultraviolet rays, processed and ready-made foods, infections and inactivity. We must clarify the risk factors specific to our society and engage in an all-out struggle against them. In addition, it should be considered to establish centers of excellence for a treatment area where we lose more than 30 thousand people every year.

Establishment of special centers for lung cancer, in which all stakeholders such as pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, oncologists, pathologists and psychologists are included, will also make an important contribution to health tourism. More comprehensive data is needed.” .

AstraZeneca Turkey Country President Pharm. Serkan Barış, on the other hand, said, “As AstraZeneca, with this study, which we believe will be a very valuable reference source, we have supported the determination of what can be improved for patients with lung cancer and the current economic burden of this disease on our society. As AstraZeneca, we will always be happy to take part as a stakeholder in future projects for lung cancer.”

There are 50 thousand lung cancer patients in Turkey

Introduction of the Lung Cancer Report in Turkey Editorial and Scientific Committee members of the report, Prof. Dr. Nuri Karadurmuş and Prof. Dr. Made by İrfan Çiç. prof. Dr. Karadurmuş stated that the most common type of cancer in men is lung cancer, and that according to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, there are approximately 50 thousand patients. prof. Dr. İrfan Çiç also reminded that while determining the cost of illness, indirect costs reached higher amounts and 69 percent of the total cost consisted of indirect expenses.

The main findings of the Lung Cancer Report in Turkey are as follows:

The total economic burden of lung cancer in Turkey is 8 billion 791 million TL. It was determined that the average direct cost per patient was 48 thousand TL for small cell lung cancer patients and 56 thousand TL for non-small cell lung cancer patients. Including indirect costs, the average cost per patient reaches 175 thousand TL. Indirect costs of lung cancer have a significant share in the total economic burden.

Important key recommendations were made in the report

Risk Factors in Lung Cancer and Prevention of Lung Cancer

  • Risk factors specific to our country for lung cancer should be determined by supporting scientific studies.
  • It should be ensured that our family physicians are informed about the risk factors that will be determined specific to our country, and that the patients should be evaluated in line with the risk factors to be determined and directed to the right physicians.

  • Measures and trainings to reduce tobacco and tobacco product use (such as public service announcements, inclusion in school education programs, smoke-free medical school practices) should be increased, and additional incentive programs for quitting should be organized.
  • Information on combating tobacco and quitting smoking should be added to the public service announcements broadcast in the 2nd and 3rd level health services, and smoking cessation units should be established in all hospitals.

What are the symptoms of lung cancer? Causes, diagnosis and stages

Early Diagnosis and Screening Programs in Lung Cancer

  • Early diagnosis in lung cancer should be prioritized and practices involving a multidisciplinary approach should be expanded in this direction.
  • In order to increase the early diagnosis of lung cancer, appropriate risk factors specific to our country should be determined and a screening study should be conducted in a pilot region.
  • Scientific studies to be carried out with the support of the Ministry of Health in our country on genomic markers, examples of which we see around the world, should be expanded.

Diagnostic Process in Lung Cancer

• With the support of the Ministry of Health, centers that are far from each other in our country should be combined using technology and periodic meetings should be held.
• In our country, standards regarding the diagnosis of lung cancer should be established together with the Ministry of Health.

Treatment Process in Lung Cancer

  • For the follow-up process and duration of the patients, it is necessary to determine the standards and make the relevant guidance together with the Ministry of Health.
  • All stakeholders involved in the treatment process and follow-up of patients should be included in the treatment process through awareness campaigns in areas such as treatment needs and psychological support.

Supportive Treatment in Lung Cancer

For patients who cannot receive treatment, the number of palliative care and end-stage care centers should be increased and new nursing homes should be established.




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