KAÇUV’s ‘Child Explorers in the Virtual World’ project

KACUV Family Home1The Child Explorers Virtual World project, designed by KAÇUV for children whose chronic illnesses continue for months at the hospital or at home, and which enables children to spend their hospital processes with educational and entertaining activities using smart technologies, came to life.

In 2014, we implemented the “Child Explorers in the Virtual World” Project within the scope of the Istanbul Development Agency Children and Youth Financial Support Program. We have created an e-learning portal designed for children and young people to have fun and quality time by accessing information and interactive activities on different interests.

Children, who continue their treatment for months in the hospital or at home due to their chronic diseases, use tablets and smartphones widely because their participation in social life is restricted. For this reason, we aimed to contribute to the education and learning of children through smart technologies with the Child Explorers in the Virtual World portal.

In Children’s Explorers, short, colorful and entertaining texts about content that children may be interested in and activities supporting these contents, games and various topics are presented under many different headings, together with interactions compatible with the tablet. It is aimed to increase the interaction with supporting the subject, photographs, drawings, videos, audio and guiding resources.

  • Art
  • Nature and Environment
  • I’m thinking
  • science and technology
  • Health
  • Internet and Computer
  • Life
  • Game with Numbers

The project was disseminated in the hematology and oncology services of 9 public and university hospitals in Istanbul through KAÇUV volunteers.

SONY DSCHope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV) In September 2014, within the scope of Istanbul Development Agency Children and Youth Financial Support Program “Child Explorers in the Virtual World” implemented the project. KAÇUV Board Member Assoc. Dr. Feza Orhan and KAÇUV Secretary General Gözde Kaymaz conveyed the details of the project to the participants.

KAÇUV Board Member Assoc. Dr. In her speech, Feza Orhan drew attention to a gap by saying that the projects developed to prevent the sick children who are away from the school process or who have to take a break from the school process due to diseases that require long-term treatment, are not included in the existing practices. Stating that it was based on the need created by this deficiency, Assoc. Dr. Feza Orhan stated that the main purpose of the Child Explorers in the Virtual World project is to enable children to spend their time in the hospital, where time flows very slowly, by doing fun and instructive activities using a vehicle they love.

Assoc. Dr. Feza Orhan also stated that as KAÇUV, the Child Explorers in the Virtual World Project aims to improve children’s digital literacy skills and contribute to raising intellectual individuals needed by the information society. Orhan added that this way, they enabled the disadvantaged children to gain information on many subjects from art to nature, from science to health, through interactive activities.

KAÇUV Secretary General, Gözde Kaymaz, stated that the Child Explorers in the Virtual World project is an e-learning portal where children and young people can access information on different areas of interest by spending fun and quality time. Gözde Kaymaz continued her words as follows:

“As KAÇUV, we aim to increase interaction with photography, drawing, video, audio and guiding resources. Within the themes created, the user can access a total of 111 content, including 15 games, 85 interactive reading texts and 11 videos. Support was received from KAÇUV volunteers to announce the portal created as part of the Child Explorers in the Virtual World project to children receiving treatment. During this process, an “instructor-training” program was developed and 21 trainers were trained to implement the project with children. Thus, the first step was taken in the training of volunteers that will enable the project to become widespread.”

In the upcoming period planning of KAÇUV, it is aimed to update this project with new themes and applications and to expand it in different cities.

KAÇUV’s Event Agenda (2015 – 2016)

August 27, 2015: Closing Meeting of the “Child Explorers in the Virtual World” Project

13 September 2015: “River’s Steps” Run

Second week Announcement on Completion of Printing and Distribution of 20 Awareness Publications Funded by UPS Turkey

September 28, 2015: Beginning of Education Periods

November 15, 2015: Vodafone Istanbul Marathon


31 December 2015: New Year’s Celebration

15 February 2016: World Childhood Cancer Day

MARCH 2016
14 March 2016: Medicine Day

APRIL 2016
1-7 April 2016: Cancer Week

MAY 2016
May 8, 2016: Mother’s Day
May 12, 2016: Nurses Day

13 September 2016: “River’s Steps” Run

November 15, 2016: Vodafone Istanbul Marathon


31 December 2016: New Year’s Celebration





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