It has been determined that excessive alcohol consumption causes 7 different types of cancer.

alcohol-addiction-womenAccording to the study, the results of which were published in the scientific journal Addiction, it was determined that there is a strong link between excessive alcohol consumption and seven different types of cancer. researcher Jennie Connor of New Zealand’s University of Otago; showed a relationship between alcohol consumption and cancers of the mouth, throat, larynx, esophagus, liver, intestines and breast. Jennie Connor also announced that alcohol consumption killed half a million people in 2012. This number corresponds to about 6 percent of cancer deaths in the world. According to the research, although the biological causes are not yet known, clear findings have been reached on the harms of alcohol consumption.

A significant relationship was found between alcohol consumption and skin cancer risk

‘Alcohol increases the risk of cancer’

Susannah Brownscience, Program Director of the World Cancer Research Fund, said: “As alcohol consumption increases, so does the risk of cancer. “We agree that there is solid evidence that alcohol consumption directly causes cancer.”

While the risk is higher for people who drink a lot of alcohol, those who drink less are also at risk. According to Jennie Connor, there is no safe level of alcohol consumption when it comes to cancer. UK Department of Health officials also declared that regular alcohol consumption is harmful to health at all levels and has reduced the weekly alcohol consumption recommendation to 14 units for both men and women. The reasons why alcohol causes cancer are not fully known. One theory is that alcohol can damage human DNA, causing damaging mutations.

Diagnosis of excessive alcohol use and general response to alcohol abuse




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