Is the ketogenic diet protective against cancer?

Assoc.  Dr.  Happy DemirayThe ketogenic diet has been on the agenda lately, thanks to addicts of low-carb diets. The only feature of the ketogenic diet is not that it is a low-carb diet. This miracle diet, whose sole purpose is not weight loss, also helps to heal many diseases. Studies reveal that many positive results are encountered, especially if cancer patients follow this diet. Oncology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Mutlu Demiray says that diet also brings results such as more effective chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

In the blood tests of patients on a low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet; It is seen that blood sugars decrease and ketones increase. The most important feature of the ketogenic diet is the prevention of high sugar levels in the blood. Stating that glucose and carbohydrates, which are the main food sources of cancer cells, are removed from the diet, Demiray gives the following information: “We will replace them with fat and protein in an amount that will meet the energy needs of our normal cells. However, we will add enough glucose to keep blood sugar stable at a certain level. Daily intake of carbohydrates; When it falls below 50 grams, normal cells begin to use fats and ketones as energy sources. The energy source is no longer glucose; fats and ketones. Nervous system cells, especially brain cells, can use ketones according to their own needs. The traditional diet of Eskimos and Maasai consists of fish, meat and milk. There are no carbohydrates. However, they lead a very healthy life.”

What is the ketogenic diet and why is it done? Ideal diet list and example

Demiray, who mentioned that the quality of life of the patients on the ketogenic diet was increased and the progression of cancer was slowed down, gives the following information: “The body adapts quickly to a diet consisting of low carbohydrate, high fat and protein. The sugar taken from fruits and other foods during this diet and the sugar provided by the liver by converting it from fats and proteins are more than enough for the body. With the transition to the ketogenic diet, the most important change is observed in the decrease in the amount of glucose supplied to cancer cells. Blood glucose goes down to a constant value, which is positive for health. The most important advantage of a low-carb, high-fat/protein diet is the prevention of fluctuations in blood sugar. This prevents sudden changes in insulin secretion. Because insulin not only introduces glucose into the cell, but also causes the tumor to grow. Less insulin means less tumor growth.”




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