Is the Cuban vaccine really effective in cancer treatment? The legend of Cimavax

The topic of treatment with the Cuban vaccine, which has a very popular place in cancer treatment, remains current. Patients frequently ask their doctors about the suitability of this vaccine for them. Health tourism to Cuba has become a serious source of income for many companies. Noting that there is an incredible amount of information pollution on this subject, Medical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mustafa Spotted, What is the Cuban vaccine? Who can use it? Is it useful? How can it be reached? Medical Academy Ankara Representative about frequently asked questions such as Hatice Pala RockHe gave comprehensive information to .

What is the Cuban cancer vaccine?

prof. Dr. Mustafa Spotted: There are 2 different types of lung cancer vaccines produced in Cuba. Cimavax and Racotumomab (trade name Vaxira). These vaccines have been developed against the structures on lung cancer cells and are based on the principle of recognizing and killing these cells. Racotumomab, one of these vaccines, has been imported in our country since 2014 by a local company based in Kayseri and can be used on a patient basis. Despite being advertised as being newly introduced, this is not the reality.

Cuban experts want to produce nearly a hundred drugs, 40 of which are cancer, in Turkey.

It has been applied to hundreds of patients in our country. In other words, it can be prescribed by a medical oncology specialist residing in every province of our country and can be used by suitable patients by being imported by the company. There is no need to go to Cuba or Istanbul.

Who can receive the Cuban cancer vaccine?

prof. Dr. Mustafa Spotted: Cuban vaccine only lung cancer treatmentIt can be used in patients and only in a certain part of the patients. There is no information showing its study and benefit in patients other than lung cancer. It is used for maintenance therapy in patients with non-small cell lung cancer who have advanced stage chemotherapy and whose disease can be controlled with chemotherapy. As the name suggests, maintenance therapy aims to keep the disease under control.

These patients correspond to approximately 10% of all lung cancer patients. In other words, it cannot be used in all patients with lung cancer. The use of the vaccine has been authorized in Cuba and some South American countries based on 2 studies in this group of patients. In our country, there is no repayment within the scope of the Social Security Institution, but the Ministry of Health does not oppose its use.

Lung cancer treatment: Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy

How is the Cuban cancer vaccine administered?

prof. Dr. Mustafa Spotted: Racotumomab vaccine (Vaxira) is administered subcutaneously as 5 doses every 2 weeks in the first stage. After these 5 doses, the monthly vaccination method is started and 10 more doses are given once a month. In patients without disease progression, vaccinations can be continued until the disease progresses. The way the Cimavax vaccine is administered is similar. Low-dose chemotherapy is given beforehand.

Is the Cuban cancer vaccine really useful?

prof. Dr. Mustafa Spotted: There are 2 comparative studies on these vaccines. In the Racotumomab study, the median survival of vaccinated patients was extended by 2 months (8.2 months with vaccine versus 6.8 months without vaccine). The data showing that the vaccine can be effective is the 2-year survival rate. 18.4% of vaccinated patients and 6.7% of unvaccinated patients live for 2 years. Because of this difference in long-term survival (11.7%), these vaccines were authorized for use in Cuba and South America (Figure A).

Similarly, in the Cimavax study, the median life expectancy of vaccinated patients was extended by 3 months (12.4 months with vaccine versus 9.4 months without vaccine). In this study, 5-year survival rates were examined and it was shown that 16.6% of the patients vaccinated in 5 years and 6.2% of the patients who were not vaccinated lived for 5 years. Because of this difference in long-term survival (10.4%), these vaccines were authorized for use in Cuba and South America (Figure B).

What is the price of the Cuban cancer vaccine?

prof. Dr. Mustafa Spotted: Of these vaccines Vaxira commercially available in our country. A dose is $2700. There is no reimbursement under the Social Security Institution. If approved and prescribed by a medical oncology specialist, it can be supplied and used by the importer company. For the vaccine to be effective, at least 5 doses must be used. As seen in clinical studies, it increases the chance of long-term survival by around 10%. This is not an insignificant rate.

Misinformation that is thought to be true in cancer delays the diagnosis!

Is the Cuban vaccine widely used in the world?

prof. Dr. Mustafa Spotted: The Cuban vaccine is licensed only in Cuba and some South American countries. There are no recent clinical studies on these vaccines. The only study done was at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in the USA, where I studied oncology and worked for 5 years. immunotherapy and Cimavax combined. In this study, the immunotherapy drugs of the vaccine nivolumab or Pembrolizumab Its efficacy in combination therapy with

So the vaccine is not used alone. Permission has been obtained from the authorized institutions in the USA for the clinical trial of the vaccine, but it is not approved for use outside the study. That’s why the news in the press that it’s “approved in the USA” is misleading.

produced in Cuba Racotumomab lung cancer The vaccine can be used in eligible patients in Turkey with the prescription of a medical oncology specialist, against a fee. There is no Social Security reimbursement. However, as can be seen from the figures given, it is not a miracle cure as advertised in the virtual environment and social media.

What has changed in lung cancer diagnosis and treatment plans?

In the non-small cell type of lung cancer, it may be useful for maintenance of treatment in advanced stage patients who have benefited from chemotherapy but are not suitable for surgery. Scientific studies have shown that these patients increase their 2-year survival rate by 10%. For this reason, it is extremely inconvenient for patients to abandon their medical treatments through travel companies and pursue this vaccine in Cuba, apart from the recommendations of the oncologist. First of all, getting an opinion from a medical oncologist is very important for the right decision.




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