Is it possible to prevent cancer? Breast cancer prevention methods

breast-cancer-new-cure-hopeCancer is one of the diseases that scare people the most. However, when detected at an early stage, it is possible to cure the disease and provide full recovery for some types of cancer. Today, in some types of cancer, complete treatment has become possible with early diagnosis. Providing information about cancer prevention methods and symptoms that should be considered for early diagnosis, Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Hakan Karagol in the first place breast cancer made extensive warnings, including:

One of the most important causes of cancer; malnutrition

Similar to the rest of the world, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that women encounter in our country. Breast cancer is a disease that can be treated much better today than it was 30 years ago. Significant advances in surgical methods and advances in radiotherapy (radiation therapy) with the introduction of electronics are the main reasons for the improvements in treatment.

12 misconceptions about breast cancer

Especially in the last 20 years, with the development of smart drugs (antibodies, small molecule oral drugs, etc.) that have started to be developed in the process of determining the human genome map, serious prolongations in the life span of advanced diseases have begun to be obtained. One of the most common causes of breast cancer today; malnutrition, sedentary life, excessive weight, environmental pollution, bad habits such as smoking and alcohol, late menopause, not having given birth, and starting menstruation at an early age. We also know that genetics plays an important role in some cancer patients.

It is possible to prevent cancer

Since breast cancer is a disease in which an intense, long and painful treatment process is experienced, especially in the advanced stage, it is a disease that requires great effort not to be caught. It is possible to prevent breast cancer. Because genetic cancers constitute 10-15% of all cancer types, while the cancer causes mentioned above constitute the remaining 85%. Looking at these factors, it can be understood that it is most likely possible to prevent breast cancer.

Information about breast cancer, which is said a lot in the society, but is wrong:

  • It is an incurable disease
  • A knife is not stabbed in a cancer patient.
  • Chemotherapy actually kills the patient, not the disease, it is of no use.
  • Cure for cancer has been found, but pharmaceutical companies are hiding to make a profit
  • Nutrition is important in the prevention of cancer, but it is not important in the treatment of cancer.

All of these preconceptions are wrong.

12 misconceptions about breast cancer

Prolonged life expectancy

Today, especially in the last 15 years, very important scientific developments have been achieved in the treatment of breast cancer, especially in drug treatments. With these developments, very serious successes have been achieved in prolonging the lifespan and increasing the quality of life, especially in advanced stage patients. The root of these successes was the increase in the knowledge about the human genome and thus the gaining of a new perspective to cancer treatment.

In order to prevent cancer, we must pay attention to our diet.

Nutrition in breast cancer includes two elements. First; The factors that we should pay attention to about the foods that we use frequently in our daily lives, and the second is the foods that we do not know the importance of as a society. For example, increasing our knowledge about foods such as asparagus, dandelion and turmeric will help to take precautions against cancer. The issue of nutrition during breast cancer prevention and cancer treatment is very important and should be explained in detail to all segments of the society.

Breast cancer screening age has changed

The point reached today regarding the treatment of breast cancer is the harbinger of very good developments for the future. However, as individuals, we must insist on doing many positive things such as good nutrition, staying away from bad habits, staying away from weight, and that cancer prevention is an important factor for both ourselves and our family.

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