Is it possible to get rid of cancer pain?

Specialist_Dr_Selcuk_Dincer Cancer-related pain is quite severe and reduces the quality of life; It may also cause the methods to be applied in the treatment of cancer or some examinations not to be performed on time from time to time. said Anesthesia and Reanimation Specialist Dr. Selçuk Dinçer gave information about the treatment methods in cancer pain.

Types of Pain that Can Be Seen in Cancer Patients

Types of pain can be examined under 3 groups:

  • Pain due to cancer process
  • Treatment-related pain
  • Pain due to non-cancerous causes

Although pain due to non-cancerous causes is not seen very often (for example, pain due to joint calcification or herniated disc), it can be overlooked.

Cancer pain negatively affects quality of life: It must be treated!

While investigating the cause of the patient’s pain, all complaints should not be attributed to cancer alone. For example, a cancer patient with leg pain, possible herniated disc, lumbar or knee joint degeneration should not be ignored. Failure to perform examinations of the knee joint or leg nerves may lead to an error in the diagnosis of pain.

Painkiller Drug Treatment in Cancer

With appropriate pain relief therapy The probability of getting rid of cancer pain is 80 percent. In the regulation of painkillers; general condition of the patient, chronic diseases, if any, drugs used, etc. factors must be taken into account. The pain treatment program is prepared individually. Physicians who have sufficient knowledge and experience about the effects and side effects of painkillers can prepare a safe treatment program for patients. It should be kept in mind that these drugs, like other drugs, can have side effects.

Interventional Treatment Methods in Cancer Pain

In cases where pain relief medication is insufficient, interventional pain management methods can be applied. Patients who cannot benefit from painkillers can be brought closer to their normal lives by using interventional pain treatment methods.

Pain can sometimes be more devastating than the cancer itself.

Nerve blocks used for pain relief; These are the procedures performed to prevent the nerves from transmitting pain signals to the brain, taking into account the areas where the pain begins and spreads. In addition to short-term blocks, long-term nerve blocks can be made using different chemical agents.




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