Intratumoral chemotherapy method in the treatment of lung cancer

lung-x-ray-filmStating that intratumoral chemotherapy is applied together with other treatment methods, especially in lung cancer, Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. Çelikoğlu states that this method, which has spread from Turkey to the world, strengthens the immunity of the patient and facilitates the body’s fight against cancer. Symptoms such as cough, shoulder and back pain are often overlooked, so it is perceived late and therefore cannot be treated. lung cancerWhen caught at an early stage, there is a chance for treatment. Stating that lung cancer detected at an early stage is definitely treated, Prof. Dr. Firuz Çelikoğlu said, “However, because patients deny the symptoms and we cannot catch them on time, lung cancer appears as an incurable disease.”


Genetic factors are the first risk factor for lung cancer. In fact, cancer is constantly forming in the body, but p53 geneThis destroys the problem cells. Destruction of this gene triggers the formation of cancer. The first reason for the decrease in the activity of the p53 gene is smoking. In addition to smoking, factors such as air pollution and exposure to chemicals are among the causes of lung cancer.

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prof. Firuz Çelikoğlu stated that there is a third option that will contribute to the treatment in lung cancers where surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy methods used in other cancer types are applied, and said: prof. Dr. Seyhan Celikogludeveloped by , which is currently accepted in the world intratumoral chemotherapy (local chemotherapy) also increases the treatment possibilities of these patients. As a result of the researches, intratumoral chemotherapy is also applied in the world at the moment. Intratumoral chemotherapy, future treatments immunotherapyIt takes its place as the first-line treatment that we accept.”


Stating that surgery is the first option in cancers caught at an early stage, Çelikoğlu said, “Another treatment that can support this treatment is intratumoral chemotherapy. In intratumoral chemotherapy, the lung is directly entered with a bronchoscope. The cancer cells that block the airways are injected with drugs to dissolve that blockage, so that ventilation in the lungs begins again.

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The drugs go directly to the lymph and clear the cancer cells in the lymph. This prevents it from spreading outside the region. Another benefit of this treatment is that it reduces the cancer to a level that allows surgery in advanced lung cancer. It offers us the chance to turn even an advanced-stage cancer into an early-stage cancer. We have patients at this level that we have operated on and their lives have been saved.”


Stating that intratumoral chemotherapy also provides an advantage in terms of side effects, Çelikoğlu said, “There seems to be almost no side effects. The side effects are also positive. First of all, it stops the bleeding, opens the airways, and corrects the shortness of breath. Some patients may have a feeling of fever. The procedure is done on a day-to-day basis. The patient returns home the same day. There is no hair loss, decrease in blood cells, and fatigue.

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Çelikoğlu said that the method can be applied in brain, pancreatic, colorectal, stomach and liver cancers as well as lung cancer.




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