In Turkey, 60 thousand women get cancer every year and 25% of them have breast cancer.

ketem-breast-cancer-awarenessSaying that approximately 25% of female cancer patients, that is, one out of every four women with cancer, has breast cancer, Head of Cancer Department of the Turkish Public Health Institution of the Ministry of Health, Assoc. Dr. Murat Gültekin noted that approximately 60 thousand women are diagnosed with cancer every year in Turkey, and 15 thousand of them have breast cancer. Stating that cancer is an important public health problem today, Assoc. Dr. Gültekin pointed out the importance of countries to develop their own National Cancer Control programs in the fight against cancer.

oncolife-logo3When the new cancer statistics of the world are examined, Assoc. Dr. Gültekin said: “Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women in our country. We diagnose approximately 60 thousand women with cancer annually, 15 thousand of which are breast cancer. Breast cancer is a preventable, early detectable and completely treatable disease. We see the provision of mammography screening services to women by a country as the importance given to women by that country.”

murat-gultekin-ketem2Noting that the European Union has made a cancer control program under two important headings for the first time, Assoc. Dr. Gültekin said, “The first of these; prevention, the latter; is early diagnosis. The European Union spends 167 billion Euros a year on cancer, of which 2.7% is used for prevention. They revealed 100% screening rates for breast, cervical and colon cancer of 500 million women across Europe by 2020. They will soon announce these reports with their detailed scientific compilations.”

Stating that there are 137 KETEMs established in 81 provinces in Turkey and that they provide free service, Assoc. Dr. Gültekin said, “Cancer screenings can be done free of charge here, without the need for any social security. We expect our women and our people to participate in screening programs.”

Stating that an important factor affecting participation in screening rates is the quality criteria applied in mammography programs, Assoc. Dr. Gültekin announced that they will initiate infrastructure studies to fully implement the European Union quality criteria in cooperation with the Turkish Radiology Association in KETEMs. Stating that breast cancer screenings across the country have reached 1 million 715 thousand in the last three years, Assoc. Dr. Gültekin said, “The number of mammograms taken in KETEMs has reached 240 thousand with an increase of approximately 80%”.

Emphasizing that the digital mammography device and CR devices increase the quality of breast cancer screening, Assoc. Dr. Gültekin said that they purchased 36 digital mammography devices and 19 CR devices in this context and that these devices will make the work of KETEMs much easier in 2015. Stating that they aim to increase mobile mammograms, Assoc. Dr. Gültekin said, “We still have many women who have not heard of mammography. With these devices, we intend to go to their feet and offer services and bring the understanding of the social state. Awareness among our people is very important. I call out to all our women here; Come to KETEM before it happens to you.”linen-breast-cancer

An event was held in Nevşehir within the scope of “Breast Cancer Awareness and Awareness Month” by the Ministry of Health, Turkish Public Health Agency, Cancer Department. The patients who have beaten cancer and are still under treatment, together with doctors and healthcare professionals, organized an awareness event with balloons in Cappadocia.
Banners were hung on the balloon to draw attention to breast cancer. With the event, 5 mobile mammography screening tools were also inaugurated.




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