If You Can’t Get Pregnant, Your Vitamin D Might Be Missing!


Infertility is the inability to conceive despite unprotected intercourse for 1 year. Today, many married couples have infertility problems.
How much does a proverb mean ‘the doctor enters the house where the sun does not shine’. No matter what disease we look at, vitamin D deficiency comes out. While it is such a vital vitamin, we see vitamin D deficiency in almost 4 out of 5 people. More than a vitamin, we can call it a hormone for us.

So where do we go wrong?

• We spend a lot of time indoors.
• We cannot benefit from the sun, we apply sunscreen.
• Our understanding of sunbathing is all about tanning!
• We are not open to innovations in vitamin D supplements.
• Unfortunately, our vitamin D level is not sufficient because there are differences of opinion on vitamin D.

And one of the problems caused by this situation is infertility. One of the first vitamins to be taken care of in female and male infertility! Vitamin D has an effect on many conditions, including increasing levels of estrogen and progesterone, the chief hormones of the menstrual cycle in women. In men, it is very important for sperm count, sperm quality, testosterone level and sexual desire.

If you are undergoing IVF treatment or trying to get pregnant, have your vitamin D measured. Maybe there is an underlying reason for your infertility!

What should we pay attention to ?

• First of all, the best vitamin D remedy is of course the sun! Take care to sunbathe, especially arms and legs, without using sunscreen during the hours when the sun is steep (11.00-14.00). Do not scrub immediately after sunbathing and avoid very hot showers.

If you do not have the possibility of sunbathing;
• If your vitamin D value is <50 ng/ml, you should take supplements under a doctor's control. • Although vitamin D is a vitamin that is avoided in excess for years due to its toxic effect, values ​​of 70-80 ng/ml and even 100 ng/ml are accepted in recent studies. • Instead of vitamin D containing BHA and sunflower oil, you can prefer liquid oral vitamin D drops in the form of olive oil. • I recommend using daily doses instead of weekly or monthly vitamin D loading. The dose completely varies from person to person. • When using Vitamin D, make sure that your supplement is with Vitamin K2. Excess vitamin D can cause calcium transfer from the bones to the blood. • Avoid being overweight and eat healthy.

Source: fulyabozdemir.com, If You Can’t Get Pregnant, Your Vitamin D Might Be Missing!

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