If our child has bruises on his legs, it could be a fatal disease.

Leukemia is the most common type of childhood cancer with 30%. In addition to genetic factors, environmental factors can cause leukemia, which is known as blood cancer among the people and is mostly seen between the ages of 2-5. Detection of leukemia at an early stage is still the most important problem today, with early diagnosis and effective treatment. Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Cengiz Canpolat gave the following information: “The most important problem in the diagnosis of leukemia is early diagnosis, because the symptoms can be confused with many diseases. bruises In some symptoms, especially the child, the child should be taken to the nearest health center immediately. The definitive diagnosis is made by taking the patient’s bone marrow and examining it. It is vital to act quickly in diagnosis and to start treatment early.”

If the bruise is located above the knee

Providing information about the symptoms that parents should pay attention to within the scope of the 2-8 November Week of Children with Leukemia, Prof. Dr. Canpolat made the following warnings: The area where the bruises appear should be very careful. It is imperative to suspect bruises on the knees and soft parts of the body and to take the child to the doctor without wasting time, as they may be caused by hematological diseases. With the excitement of the game, children often do not remember that they have been hit by a blow.

The survival time of patients is increasing rapidly with new generation leukemia treatments

Bruises below the knee are also usually caused by mobility, impact during mischief. These bruises are seen more especially in children who go to kindergarten and at school age, their number is not more than three or four. Families should also follow the bruises below the knee, but the area that should be followed closely is the knee area.

Disproportionate and outnumbered

Generally, the number of bruises due to a disease is higher and can be seen widely. Especially on the knee and on a soft surface of the body, large and numerous bruises should not go unnoticed. In particular, bruises that develop spontaneously without a blow, or bruises that appear conspicuously despite a small impact and that are not proportional to the severity of the blow and the size and color of the bruise should definitely alert the parents. Because these bruises can be the harbinger of many blood diseases.

If accompanied by nose and gum bleeding

If these bruises are accompanied by symptoms such as bleeding from the nose and gums and bleeding in the urine and stool, families should consult a physician without delay. Symptoms such as fever of unknown origin and prolonged duration, enlargement of the liver, spleen and lymph nodes, small spot hemorrhages in the body that do not go away, arm and leg pain, fatigue, weakness and pallor should also be followed closely. Bruises, especially in very dark-skinned children, can be overlooked from time to time. Therefore, families should be followed closely. It is critical to be prompt in diagnosis and start treatment early.




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