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diabetes healthy dietNutrition is very important before, during and after cancer. In scientific studies, the effectiveness of nutrition on cancer has been found to be 35% on average. In some studies, this rate is much higher. At this point, the effective ones are carcinogens such as aflatoxin and okratoxin found in the plants themselves, and acrylamide etc. formed during food preparation. they are carcinogens. In other words, foods can negatively affect the process with the carcinogens they contain or create during preparation, as well as being supportive in protecting the person from cancer and in the treatment.

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Serap Andaç Öztürk, who gave information about the issues that cancer patients should pay attention to in daily life and proper nutrition methods, listed the foods that should be consumed before or after treatment as follows:

Beware of Grilling Red Meat

When grilling red meat, harmful compounds are formed. Since the cooking temperature and process will not be taken into account in meals made in crowded environments (such as burning meat or direct contact with fire), this type of meat should be avoided in the holiday environment.

Cancer patients should avoid alcohol

You should stay away from alcohol. According to studies, alcohol consumption increases the risk of mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, colon, lung, rectum, liver and breast cancer.

In cancer treatment, patient and ‘target-oriented’ nutrition regime should be applied.

Cancer patients should consume plenty of fluids

You should drink plenty of fluids and tea. In order for cells to function properly and to remove toxins from our body, sufficient water consumption must be provided. Tea is important in the prevention of cancer due to the phenol and antioxidants it contains. For this reason, you can use your beverage preference for open tea. You should stay away from acidic drinks and fruit juices that are high in carbohydrates.

Cancer patients should consume milk and yogurt

It is reported that regular consumption of dairy products reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. However, recent studies have shown that milk consumption may be risky for aggressive forms of prostate cancer. Considering these, yoghurt consumption should not be interrupted in normal times and on holidays.

Proper nutrition in cancer treatment improves chances of survival

Fruit Protects From Cervical, Lung and Stomach Cancer

Fruit consumption is preventive against mouth, larynx, pharynx, esophagus, cervix, lung and stomach cancers. Green and yellow vegetables are especially protective against stomach cancer. Likewise, spinach, tomatoes and peppers, which have relatively low starch content, have a possible preventive effect against mouth, larynx, pharynx and esophageal cancers. As a general recommendation, care should be taken to consume 2, maximum 3 portions of fruit per day, and 3 or 4 portions per day from the vegetable group.

It has also been shown that high doses of vitamin C, which is abundant in vegetables and fruits, can help prevent stomach cancers caused by Helicobacter pylori. Keep in mind that most of your plate should consist of vegetables in open buffets. Do not forget to take your fruit with you for snacks. Anti-cancer elements in vegetables and fruits; antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and phytochemicals.

Are You Aware of the Danger in Frying Oils?

Carcinogenic substances are released as a result of the oxidation of fats in foods made by frying and roasting methods. It is possible to serve delicious fried products on holiday, but due to the fact that the type and quality of oil used is not at the desired level and its negative effects on health, it is necessary to stay away from fried foods as much as possible, and more often, foods cooked with steam, boiled and oven methods should be preferred.

Studies on experimental animals and humans show that too much fat consumption increases the risk of hormone-based cancers and colorectal cancer. Again, after the contact of oils with fire, carcinogenic substances are released. Especially in the summer, storing the oils in a place that will not be exposed to the sun will reduce the risk of harmful substances that will increase.

Nutrition and phytotherapy in breast cancer! Effects on prevention and treatment

Animal Foods Increase Cancer Risk

Excess protein consumption of animal origin increases the risk of cancer. Low fiber consumption, high consumption of red meat, and an imbalance of omega 3/omega 6 fats may contribute to an increased risk of cancer. Today, many factors, including foods, some additives in foods, and the way foods are cooked, are the causes of cancer.

However, it should not be forgotten that foods also have many positive effects that prevent cancer, in order to benefit from all these effects, we need to pay attention to the preparation, purchase, storage and cooking methods of foods. It should not be forgotten that during chemotherapy and radiotherapy, nutritional recommendations are partially changed and changes are made regarding the symptoms in the course of the disease, so it is necessary to seek help from a nutritionist.


Color Phytochemical Vegetable and Fruit
Red Lycopene Tomatoes and tomato products, pink grapefruit, melon, watermelon
Red and Purple Anthocyanidin, polyphenols Forest fruits, grapes, plums, plums
Orange ?- and ß- carotene Carrot, mango, pumpkin
Orange and yellow ß-cryptoxanthin, flavonoid melon, peach, papaya, nectarine
Yellow and green Lutein, zeaxanthin Spinach, avocado, melon, kale, turnip




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