How can you delay your period?

How can we delay the period?

Women with regular menstrual periods may want their cycles to be delayed in some cases.

Who didn’t want to avoid periods while on vacation? Who wouldn’t want to push it a little to avoid accompanying symptoms like breast tenderness and bloating during a big event?

If you search the internet for ways to delay your period naturally, you’ll come across many ideas, from exercising to drinking vinegar water. But are they effective?

In this article, explanations were made on the methods of delaying menstruation supported by science.

Natural Remedies to Delay Menstrual Period

natural remedy Is it safe to try? Has it been proven to work?
apple cider vinegar may have side effects No
lentil Yes No
lemon juice may have side effects No
Gelatine may have side effects No
to exercise depends on the type, intensity and duration of exercise No

Apple Cider Vinegar

Proven And Tried Natural Way For Delay Periods |  Reckon Talk

Apple cider vinegar (ACV); It is touted as a miracle cure for acne , heartburn and even belly fat .

Some of these treatments are supported by research, while others are not. Therefore, it is not surprising that people promote apple cider vinegar as a treatment for menstrual problems such as pain or bloating.

But as it turns out, there is no research to support using apple cider vinegar to delay your period. The only study examining the effect of apple cider vinegar on menstruation was in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

However, this study found that apple cider vinegar actually causes menstruation in women who have not normalized their reproductive cycles due to blood sugar and hormonal imbalances. why found that it could. There is no evidence that apple cider vinegar will stop/delay a period.

Frequent consumption of apple cider vinegar can have a negative effect on your teeth and sensitive tissues in your mouth and throat.

Do not drink apple cider vinegar directly from the bottle. Dilute with water or other liquid to make it both safer and tastier.


Anecdotal reports say that consuming lentils just before your period can push your period back. These reports suggest frying lentils until tender and then grinding them into a fine powder. You can also buy lentil flour. Consume the powder in a smoothie or soup.

There is no research to support this. But extra fiber can cause some stomach distress, bloating, flatulence.

Lemon juice

Like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice is a highly acidic food. It is unclear why anecdotal reports indicate that citrus fruit can help push back bleeding. There is no research to support this.

What’s more, highly acidic foods can irritate your teeth, gums, mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines. If you try this technique, you can drink the lemon in a glass of water or unsweetened tea.


Dissolving and drinking gelatin in warm water is said to push back the start of your period for about four hours. If you need a longer duration, you need to keep repeating the gelatin treatment.

Gelatin is promoted as a natural way to delay the onset of the menstrual period, and there is no research to support this. Drinking large amounts of gelatin can have some side effects, such as bloating or digestive distress.

To exercise

9 Easy And Effective Ways You Can Delay Your Periods Naturally

Excessive exercise can delay the onset of a period. Women who engage in heavy physical activity or exertion in the days before a period may find that their menstrual periods do not start on time.

This may be a result of low energy availability. When your body uses most of its energy to both exercise and heal, it may lack energy reserves to keep up with the menstrual cycle.

Professional athletes often experience delays in their periods.

However, there is no research to support using exercise to intentionally delay a period. It has only been shown as an often undesirable consequence of overtraining.

Unnatural Medicines

Despite the lack of evidence for the many natural ways people try to delay a period, there are some unnatural remedies that do work. They typically include hormonal contraception.


Norethindrone is a prescription drug that can delay the onset of a period.

Your doctor will prescribe you three tablets a day, starting three to four days before you expect your period to start. After stopping the drug, your period should begin in two to three days.

This drug is considered a contraceptive, but you do not use it long enough to reap these benefits.

If you have intercourse while taking the medicine, you must use another method of contraception, such as a condom, to prevent pregnancy.

Side effects include nausea, headache, breast tenderness and mood disorders. People with a history of blood clotting disorders should not take this drug.

Birth control pill

If you use a progesterone-estrogen combo pill as birth control, you can delay your period by skipping the placebo pills and starting your new pill pack right away.

Consult your doctor before doing this.

If you are not sure how to do this, consult your doctor or pharmacist. These healthcare providers can explain when this will be done and how to proceed to the next package.

Many people use birth control for longer than the 21-day pack, and there are few risks associated with continued use of combined hormonal pills.

Before being approved for long-term suppression by the Food and Drug Administration, doctors will instruct their patients how to use traditionally packaged pills to delay their menstrual periods.

Disadvantages of Delaying Your Period

Some of the natural methods to delay the menstrual period can cause side effects. Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar can irritate the delicate tissues in your mouth and throat. They can also weaken the enamel on your teeth. Gelatin and lentils can also cause bloating and discomfort in your stomach.

Both natural and chemical remedies may not work to delay the menstrual period. In some cases, even if it is not a full period, there may be irregular bleeding or spotting.


If for any reason you need to delay your period, talk to a doctor about your options. Most natural remedies are safe to try, but no research proves they are effective.

Unnatural remedies may be the most effective, but they require a prescription. If you are already taking birth control pills, your doctor can also tell you how to use the contraceptive to delay the start of your period.

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