Hoarseness and difficulty swallowing may be a sign of thyroid cancer

doctor-examination-throat-thyroid-noduleAttention should be paid to the rapidly growing masses in the throat! Recognition of certain symptoms is vital for diagnosing thyroid conditions, especially cancer, at an early stage. Prolonged hoarseness, swallowing difficulties and rapidly growing masses may indicate thyroid cancer. Endocrinologist Prof. Dr. Erol Bolu, thyroid cancer He gave information about the symptoms and treatment methods. It is very important to pay attention to the symptoms and to seek expert help in order to diagnose thyroid cancers, which are manifested by the uncontrolled proliferation of thyroid cells and spread to the surrounding tissues or organs, at an early stage.

Symptoms such as prolonged and progressive hoarseness and difficulty in swallowing should be considered in terms of cancer risk. Rapidly growing masses should also be followed up because they have a high risk of turning into cancer. Despite all this, it can be found in cases where a significant portion of thyroid cancers can remain silent for years without causing any symptoms.

What is thyroid cancer? Why does it happen? Symptoms and treatment

High risk of cancer in childhood

Age and gender are important factors in people with nodules. Thyroid nodules are more common in women; however, the incidence of cancerous nodules seen in men is higher than in women. Thyroid nodules detected in childhood or adolescence are also 3-4 times more likely to be malignant. Apart from these, exposure to radiation of the head and neck region, having a family history of thyroid cancer are factors that increase the likelihood of cancer for people with nodules.

If TSH hormone is high and nodules are present, careful follow-up is required.

Hypothyroidism, which is caused by the deficiency of TSH hormone, has no connection with thyroid cancer. However, if the TSH hormone is high and there is a thyroid nodule, the risk of thyroid cancer may increase in these people. Again, people with thyroid nodules together with Hashimoto’s thyroid are thought to be at risk of thyroid papillary carcinoma and thyroid lymphoma. Therefore, Hashimoto thyroid cases with thyroid nodules should be kept under follow-up.

Does every nodule need a biopsy?

Not every thyroid nodule needs a biopsy; however, the nodules to be biopsied should be determined by considering the ultrasonographic features. The probability of developing cancer in thyroid nodules is approximately 5 percent. Goiter with a single or multiple nodules is also likely to be malignant. Cold; that is, while the probability of nodules that do not produce hormones to be malignant increases to 15 percent, they are hot; that is, hormone-producing nodules are generally considered benign. Hot nodules have a less than 1 percent risk of becoming malignant.

The 13 most important symptoms of a thyroid disorder

Routine examinations and scans are important

Symptoms such as swelling and mass in the neck, weakness, fatigue, constipation, dry skin, and difficulty in concentration should bring to mind thyroid disorders. Thyroid hormones alone are not sufficient for diagnosis. Physical examination and additional thyroid ultrasound are very important for the early diagnosis of thyroid nodules and thyroid cancers, which are common in the community. If detected in the early period, treatment can be provided without the need for chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

The life expectancy of patients with thyroid cancer, especially in the group with a benign prognosis before the age of 45, is not different from other individuals in the healthy population. When there is no thyroid tissue after surgery or, if necessary, radioactive iodine application, a treatment is needed to meet the thyroid hormone needed by the body.

TSH and thyroid hormones should be monitored and the dose of thyroid hormone treatment should be adjusted by an endocrinology and metabolic diseases specialist. In addition, by using different doses in this treatment, cancerous thyroid cells that are likely to be left behind are also suppressed. In summary, the diagnosis and post-diagnosis management of thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer is important.




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