Heat therapy significantly increases success in many types of cancer

cancer-heat-hyperthermiaOncology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Mutlu Demiray said, “New scientific studies show that the success rate increases by 25% in cases of heat therapy (hyperthermia) combined with radiotherapy in head and neck tumors, 17% in cervical cancers, and 22% in chest wall recurrences in breast cancer.”

happy-demirayAssoc. Dr. Mutlu Demiray gave the following information about heat applications in cancer treatment: “In the case of high fever, which is a defense mechanism for the body, the immune system of the person works better than normal temperature. It has been proven by research that fever has a positive effect on immune system elements, increases the movement of inflammatory cells to the infection site, stimulates germ-killing functions and increases the production of antibodies in white blood cells.

In recent years, high body temperature, that is, hyperthermia, has been used in cancer treatment. The truth behind hyperthermia; in the form of heating and killing cancer cells more easily. When the cancerous tissue reaches 40 – 41 degrees, the cancer cells are killed directly. In order not to trigger the body’s effort, district heating can be done by targeting a specific tumor. This is done using microwaves, radio waves and ultrasound.”

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Increases success in many types of cancer

Stating that new studies give 25% better results in the application of hyperthermia with radiotherapy in head and neck tumors, 17% in cervical cancers, and 22% in breast wall recurrences in breast cancer, Assoc. Dr. Demiray said, “The temperature regulation of cancer patients is impaired. This is seen as an obstacle to the good functioning of their immune systems. The correct use of heat therapy plays an important role in the treatment of cancer. It is important to use heat treatments effectively in the restoration of immune system both during and after the treatment.

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Hyperthermia can be targeted against cancer

Stating that heat-targeted therapies can be used very effectively against cancer, Assoc. Dr. Demiray shared the following information: “The most important problems of classical cancer drugs are that they damage all cells, especially immune system cells. With the development of nanotechnology, chemotherapy drugs can be wrapped in heat-sensitive sheaths. In other words, the chemotherapy drug is given intravenously by being wrapped with a membrane that opens only at 40 degrees.

Meanwhile, the tumor tissue is heated specifically with hyperthermia devices. Since the temperature of the tumor tissue rises to 40 degrees, the chemotherapy drug is only used in the cancerous tissue.
being effective. It is used in heat targeting in targeted therapies. It’s like heat-seeking missiles launched at airplanes. Significant progress has been made in some drugs.”

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