Good nutrition significantly reduces breast cancer risk

healthy and good nutrition; While it comes to the forefront as a factor that improves the quality of life of almost everyone, it also reduces the probability of breast cancer, which is the most common type of cancer in women. In breast cancer, where genetic factors are also determinative, regular mammography every year, especially from the age of forty, is of critical importance in the prevention of the disease. Treatment of breast cancer detected at an early stage results in a success rate of up to 95 percent. Breast cancer, which is the first cause of cancer-related death in women, is known as a type of cancer that can be controlled with diagnosis. breast cancer While the first noticeable symptom is the formation of a mass in the breast, palpation has an important place in early diagnosis.

In addition to factors such as genetic inheritance, the age of birth and menopause, which affect the likelihood of breast cancer, nutrition habits also play an important role. Assistant General Surgery Specialist. Assoc. Dr. Osman Anıl Savaş states that those who have a diet far from fat and high calories keep the risk of breast cancer away to a great extent and gives remarkable information about the disease:

Factors that increase cancer risk

Breast cancer accounts for about 30 percent of cancers seen in women. Breast cancer is the cause of death in 16 percent of women who die from cancer. The incidence of breast cancer increases with advancing age. In other words, the probability of developing breast cancer in 75-year-old women is about 20-30 times higher than in 25-year-old women.

Genetic factors may play an important role in the development of breast cancer. It is known that some genetic disorders predispose to the development of breast cancer. Other factors thought to play a role in the development of breast cancer; radiation, hormones, and diet. A diet rich in fat and calories increases the incidence of breast cancer. In addition, the use of birth control pills or the use of hormones to prevent menopausal symptoms are other reasons that increase the risk of breast cancer.

95% chance of cure in early diagnosis

Thanks to the existence of different treatment alternatives, breast cancer is no longer a cancer to be feared. If breast cancer is caught at an early stage, if the tumor is less than an inch and has not spread to the armpit, the patient has a 95 percent chance of surviving. Even in patients who have passed the early stage a little bit, it is possible to achieve a cure over 70 percent with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy. But it should never be forgotten that; The biggest task in the fight against breast cancer still lies with women themselves.

Regular exercise significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer

Breast cancer risk factors

  • Increasing age (over 40)
  • Having breast cancer in the family
  • Having been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer before (25 percent risk of recurrence)
  • Benign diseases of the breast
  • No birth at all
  • The age at which the woman gave her first birth (Women who gave their first birth after the age of 30 are four times more likely to develop breast cancer than those who gave their first birth before the age of 18)
  • Postmenopausal hormone therapy
  • Early first menstruation or late menopause
  • Disorders (mutations) in genes
  • Presence of diabetes or alcohol use

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