Face and Neck Lift in 10 questions

Is it possible to time travel?

In fact, with plastic surgeries performed in the right and expert hands today, yes, it is possible!

Time passes quickly. Our bodies age due to workload, stress, exposure to sunlight and most importantly, due to our genetic structure. Also, the effect of gravity does not work in our favor at all.

While it can hide many signs of aging, unfortunately, our face, which shows the signs of aging the most and which we cannot hide easily, gives us away in this process..

Esteworld Plastic Surgery Health Group Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Ali Rıza Öreroğlu talked about face and neck lift.

1-What kind of applications can be made for facial rejuvenation?

Here is an issue that I must emphasize first, that not every application can give the same result and permanence in facial aesthetics. It is possible to recover some facial wrinkles and skin laxity with non-invasive (ie non-surgical) applications in suitable patients. Surgery is inevitable for a more permanent and effective result.

2- What is face lift surgery?

Facelift surgery is a frequently applied facial aesthetic procedure. It provides a dramatic rejuvenation and beautification for the patient, especially when applied together with neck and eye area surgeries. It is possible to treat deep and superficial wrinkles and sagging skin on the face with face and neck lift surgery. As a surgical application, it is possible to summarize the facelift operation as an operation in which excess skin is removed, while replacing the sagging tissues on the face.

3- Who can/is suitable for face lift operation?

A facelift is generally applied to men and women who have sagging mid-face and whose skin sagging is now evident. Most patients come with the expectation of a “younger appearance” by stretching their faces in front of the mirror. Facelift operation is generally performed at the age of 50 and above. Of course this is not a rule. Sometimes, it is possible to give a woman with a sagging mid face at a much younger age a much more beautiful and healthy appearance with mid-face lift surgery.

4- Which areas are evaluated before face lift surgery?

Along with face and neck operations, eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks and lips must be evaluated. For a natural and effective facial rejuvenation operation, it is necessary to remove the sagging of the face and neck, as well as the sagging of the eyelids and under-eye bags, the wrinkles around the eyebrows and eyes, the sagging of the neck area, the sagging of our face and the sagging and cavities on the cheeks.

5- How is face lift surgery performed?

Facelift surgeries should be performed in a hospital environment and under general anesthesia. In these surgeries, the supporting tissue of the face is strengthened, sagging tissues are removed and excess skin is removed. The details of Face Lift surgery are many. Cheeks, eye area, eyebrows, nose, forehead, neck and chin are evaluated as a whole. Although it varies according to the regions to be performed, the surgical operation may take approximately 4-5 hours.

6- How is the recovery process after facelift surgery?

The biggest fear of patients about facelift surgeries is unnatural images and the length of the healing process. The aim of facelift surgery is to provide a younger appearance to the person. The aim of face lift operations performed with the right techniques is to restore the face of the patient 10-15 years ago. Unnatural face lift operations, in which the facial structure is changed, cannot be interpreted as successful operations.

After the facelift, the patient is kept under control in the hospital for 1 day. In the first week after discharge, an examination is arranged for the removal of the stitches and control, and the patient can return to his daily life comfortably. The removal of facial edema and the settling of the surgery are almost complete within the first month.

7-How much younger does the patient get with face and game lift?

With face and neck lift, the patient can look 10-15 years younger. The most important thing is that this effect lasts for many years. Many patients can look younger than they did before surgery, even 10 years after surgery.

8-Is a face and neck lift a permanent operation?

The most effective and most permanent operation in face and neck rejuvenation is face and neck lift. However, as with any surgery, sagging can be repeated after years with aging.

9-What about the Suspension or Rope Stretching method? How is it applied?

Today, non-surgical applications can sometimes be more attractive to the patient. When it comes to suspension, the first thing that comes to mind is non-surgical rope hanging methods. These applications, which are much simpler than face lift surgeries, actually give very good results in the right patient. Its lifespan and effects are also naturally shorter. The most important issue is that such applications are not suitable for everyone. Patients with excessive skin excess cannot benefit from only sling and rope methods.

10-What should the patient pay attention to after the operation? What types of complaints can there be?

Facelift is not a “non-surgical” procedure, it is an operation that requires high surgical technique, expertise and skill. It is recommended to rest for a while due to post-operative facial edema. The most important thing is that the patient should not smoke. While there may be a risk of complications related to the operation in a smoker, it may negatively affect the aesthetic results due to its effect on healing.

Source : MediMagazin

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