Explanation on the relationship between acrylamide in foods and cancer

by the UK Food Standards Authority (FSA) “bread and Warning that “acrylamide”, a chemical substance, is released after starch-containing foods such as potatoes are cooked at high temperatures and this substance can cause cancer.”, was shared with the public at the beginning of the week (Monday, January 23) by BBC Turkish. This news was later evaluated as news by various media organizations in our country and found place in various publications.

As İnvenura Food Analysis and Inspection Laboratories, we consider it our responsibility to inform the public correctly on the subject, based on our very important infrastructure studies, equipment, expertise and research on food safety in recent years.

In this context, we would like to inform you that Acrylamide was first identified in 2002. Acrylamide, which has been found to be carcinogenic as a result of studies on experimental animals, has been determined by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).Possible Carcinogen ListThe European Union Food Authority (EFSA) approved the risk of acrylamide, and individuals from all age groups “Dietary Induced” reported that he was at risk. acrylamide; It is not an additive added during the processing or production of foods, it is a substance that occurs spontaneously during the production, due to the natural structure of foods.

How Is Acrylamide Formed?

Acrylamide, which is formed as a result of cooking foods with high sugar and starch content at high temperatures, or as its name in food science, “maillard”, is the result of the “blackening” reaction in the folk language. The realization of the browning reaction occurs when the sugar found in the natural structure of the food reacts with aspargine, which is the building block of protein, at high temperature. In other words, Acrylamide can be formed in all foods cooked at high temperatures containing sugar and protein in their structure, and many products that are consumed frequently daily fall into this class.

Does Every Product Group Have Acrylamide?

It is known that high temperature cooking processes such as roasting, frying, and baking (120°C and higher) and prolonging the processing time increase the formation of acrylamide. To give an example of the effect of cooking method on acrylamide formation, it is known that french fries are in the risky product group, while boiled potatoes do not contain acrylamide risk.

Products such as coffee, french fries, chips, biscuits, crackers, bread, pastries, breakfast cereals are in the group of products that may contain high levels of acrylamide due to their structure and preparation conditions.

Acrylamide Is The Result Of A Natural Process

The point to be emphasized here is that since this reaction is the result of a natural process, there is no difference between the heating process applied at home and the heating process applied in commercial enterprises. For example, making bread or any pastry at home or in a commercial establishment does not make a difference in terms of Acrylamide formation, every bread or pastry made from flour and baked at high temperatures is suitable for acrylamide formation.

What Should Be Done As Conscious Consumers?

As mentioned above, it is not possible to completely remove Acrylamide, which occurs naturally in foods, from daily life, and risk management in this regard is possible by controlling the exposure dose. Especially, food manufacturers that are risky in terms of acrylamide formation should minimize the possibility of acrylamide formation by keeping their production processes, cooking temperature and cooking times at the most appropriate level.

There are two different alternatives for consumers. The first is to prevent darkening in cooking at home. Secondly, they should be careful that the products purchased from abroad are not overcooked, fried and especially burnt. It is possible to reduce the risk of acrylamide in this way.




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